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The Demolition of Barbary Bills

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 7th May 2013 11:28am
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The transformation of shuttered Bill's Gamblin' Hall and Saloon into Gansevoort Las Vegas is well underway.

The main Strip facing signage strangely remains as the rest of the building has been thoroughly gutted. You can still see the outline of "Barbary Coast" on the brown paint.

The bullnose above the entrance has been mostly removed. I wish I had the foresight to steal a light bulb.

The neon sign overlooking Flamingo Road removal is in process.

The north side of the building has been torn down to its structural steel. Amazing.

Alas... the good news, albeit temporary. Bill's Doody remains intact yet slightly shriveled up.

Could this be the last photo of Bill's Doody ever taken?


Comments & Discussion:

@dribbleglass posted an updated shot of the bullnose on Twitter:


That side of the Strip hasn't seen this much construction since they were building Palazzo....

So on the back side of Bill's there is(was) a bay window on what appeared to be the top floor. The rest of the back of the building is flat and I don't remember ever seeing a bay window anywhere else around Bill's. Does anyone know if it was some kind of super suite or something? Now that it is being demolished I may never know :(

@ Coybotjr Might have been the John Wayne Penthouse.

I took those same pictures when we were there last week, minus the doodie. It looked like a bomb exploded in the place.

I haz a sad. I might be the only person who - no joke - really, REALLY liked Bill's.

Anawas, I too, really, really liked Bill's. However, I would only visit on the condition that I was about 10 beers deep.

I learned how to play proper strategy blackjack on the $5 reasonable rules tables at Barbary Coast. I loved that place, especially the busty 55+ year old coctail waitress who would constantly bring me free drinks (I was an awestruck Canadian on his first trip to vegas). I returned each year, and the same waitress automatically brought me by G&T.

Sadly, when Harrah's bought it, the Barbary Coast lost its charm: crappy rules, a pathetic poker room taking over the slots and the lost of Seattles Best. I won't miss Bills.

Are there going to be infinity pools in the suites? Asking for a friend.

I never liked the place but the new name sucks eggs.

It's amazing you can still see the lettering of "Barbary Coast" on the front of the building...

Vegas Chatter thought this was such a good article, they would run it too. The ultimate compliment Chuck!

Hee Hee you said "doody"

Was never a fan or Billsbury but I'd rather have it there smelling like stale beer and pee than another boutique or high end property with $17 watered down cocktails and terrible EDM
blaring 24/7. For the record I like high end hotels and good Trance music, but there needs to be options for everyone.

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