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Nine, Naturally

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 30th April 2013 5:19pm
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Nine Years Old

Nine years ago, this very day at precisely the time I'm writing this, my beautiful bride Miss Monkay scribbled "Vegas Strip, Vegas Trip, Vegas Tripping" on the back of a Keno card at the Carson Street Cafe inside the Golden Nugget. With it a plan was hatched to build a website devoid of PR spin that discussed the Vegas experience in a true and natural way, without interference from messaging from corporate owners of their PR goon squad.

Armed with a freshly purchased domain name "VegasTripping.com" some books on PHP and MySQL I toiled away for months getting a server turned on, planning database schemas, coding a content management system, photoshopping the first site designs (what shitty logos!) and slapping together some thoroughly lousy reviews and blog posts.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think all that caffeine and nicotine fueled enthusiasm would grow to be anything more than another failed internet project that taught me some new website skills.

Last year, in Eight The Hard Way, I told you what most of you knew already... that the year previous was extremely difficult one for me. It happens. We had seven crushing years of VegasTripping, then I caught a nasty case of the mid life depression. If you've had it, you know the deal... existential crisis wrapped in despair and anger. I held out hope that things would turn around and after installing some circuit breakers in my brain, things have evened out.

I'm back from the DL, a little tender, but ready to play Coach.

And with this, I'm happy to make two major announcements.

First, work is currently underway for a complete renovation of our entire suite of websites - new designs, new content, new web apps, new code base and tons of new technology under the hood. One focus is to make all of our websites work natively on any and all of your mobile devices right out of the http box. This will be the first major redesign we've done since 2007, which took about six months to complete stem to stern. Its too early to tell when this will be complete, I'm super stoked at the progress being made on the architecture and designs.

Second, 2014 will mark the 10th anniversary of VegasTripping - a virtual eternity in internet years - which we feel is a milestone which deserves to be celebrated. You are cordially invited to join us on Saturday May 3, 2014 in Las Vegas, NV. The format will be somewhat VIMFP like and will feature a live panel discussion with the VT Staff of Lunatics, an appearance by the Vegas Gang and some other special guests to be named later. Mark your calendars, we're having a party!

I'd be remiss if I didn't extend my deepest gratitude to the guys who help make this website what it is - MikeE, JohnH, Blackjacker, Misnomer, Vespajet and Mac78130 - as well as the legions of incredible tipsters, superfriends, contributors and readers who make this community thoroughly incredible.

THANK YOU for NINE amazing years of VegasTripping!


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Comments & Discussion:

Happy Birthday VegasTripping! Thank you so much for the awesome insight, and good humor.

I think May 3rd sounds like my next trip after September.

Congratulations Mr.Monster! Always look forward to the informative and entertaining articles on the most fun city in the world. If I ever start a Vegas blog, I want it to be like VegasTripping when it grows up. Here's to another 9 years!

Happy Birthday to VT! Looking forward to the new...look.

Happy birthday! Can't wait to participate in the par-tay.

Happy Birthday! Love, Mac

Happy Birthday VegasTripping! Wishing all the best to you always. My favorite daily site to visit,I love and appreciate that their is a whole community of VegasTrippers who share my love of Vegas.Thank you for all you do Chuckmonster and crew!

Happy Birthday and hurrah for a 10 yr party. Definitely going to try and push the Annual March trip back to then.

Happy birthday! Congratulations to you all!


Congratulations on nine years of hard and excellent work! Wait, that didn't sound quite right. But thanks for all the dedication you put into this site and VIMFP and Vegas Gang and all the other things you do. Looks like we'll have to book a Vegas trip in May 2014. (Plus, I've always wanted to spend Derby Day in Vegas, so there's that as well.) Cheers!

Happy Birthday VT. We love Vegas in May!

Without this site, I wouldn't have ever met some of my best friends in the world. That's about as real as it gets for a site on the internet. So, I am and will be totally and completely in love with this site until the day you decide to close up shop. Thanks for indirectly and directly facilitating a lot of great things over the last five years of my life, Chuck. And happy 10th. Keep it up.

Feliz cumpleaños VT ! Great work Chuck.
May 3rd, 2014 you said ? Let me check my calendar ...
Hope to meet you all next year for the 10 anniversary party.

Happy Birthday VT.

Congratulations and may you make it to 21!

Happy birthday! Thanks for all the effort you guys put in to make this site so awesome.

Congrats! I only recently came across VT, but now I'm obsessed.

Looking forward to the redesign!

Nice work, Chuck! And hats-off to your team, too. Boy would I love to join you all on Derby Day 2014...

Very many congratulations !! May 2014 is in the diary :-)

What JohnD said. Love you all...

Congrats & a happy 9TH!!! WE WILL MEET AGAIN!!!

Damn, at first I thought this column was your farewell address, but it turned into great news instead! Congrats on 9 years!!

Prefect, I can combine a birthday trip with this next year.

Happy Birthday!!! Can't wait for next year...

Happy Birthday VT!!!
Looking forward to site redesigns, however... Let's hope that Chuck didn't hire The Steve to do it!

congrats on nine years!

Congrats on 9 years and keep up the GREAT work!

wow, my computer crashes and I'm outta the loop for 2 days and all this happens!!

Happy B day!! and I like May in Vegas!! See you in October tho!


Keep up the great work.

Great site to get the latest on Vegas happenings and read how others spend time/enjoy the city. I get a number of helpful tips from this site.

Woot woot!

A belated Happy Birthday! Thanks for all those great years.

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