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This Week's Truth In Advertising Award Goes To The Riviera!

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 30th April 2013 3:05pm
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The allure of casino. A vector of excitement which drives logical beings to ignore the palaces built around them and of math that is stacked against them. Are we not men?.

And then there is this public relations photo by the Riviera Hotel and Casino, posted in the "images" section on their website.

Gambling at the Riviera

Logic indeed. If we are to learn something here it is that feigning victory in the jaws of defeat is indeed the fun that eventually stops. May the lord god of your choice bless the Riviera Hotel and Casino for deeming us worthy of such knowledge and trusting us with the responsibility to do with it as we choose.

Big huge thanks to eagle eyed VT reader DuLac55 for spotting this gem of truthiness in the wild. Hero!

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Comments & Discussion:

We are DEVO!

Oh my--what eagle-eyed people are around here!!
Of course, if it's 6:5 Blackjack, then maybe those people actually are having honest (for them) reactions!!

How about those drinks, martinis, electric blue something, and funky green layered drink. Rather then the 6 oz glass of Ron Rico and Fanta, or a bud light bottle.

They're also being paid out in the fake chips I often get when playing poker or blackjack tournaments.

Squinting closer, the dealer has at least a rack-and-a-half of them, along with some lovely black and purple chips I'd actually be excited to get.

Is it just me or are they outside? To the left looks like a balcony overlooking the Strip.

I went into the Rivera once and it was like looking at a location shoot for The Walking Dead.

The martini is fantastic. As if, a.) someone playing at the Riv would order a martini and b.) they would actually serve it in a tall martini glass just waiting to be knocked over by the overwhleming excitement of pushing a 20 against a 20!

I also love the two people just above the first baseman's head who are looking at the commotion like "WTF?"

Thank you Riv, this made my 20 minutes of trolling your website well worth it!

3rd base stayed on 16 with a 10 up.

I love the disembodied hands at the side.

I think it was a Brewster's Millions kind of situation and they wanted to lose.

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