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This Week In Caesars: Resort Fees, PH, The Quad

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 26th April 2013 12:05pm
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We're reminded today by VT reader @dunebug that Total Rewards members who are Platinum or better don't have to pay Caesars Entertainment's asinine resort fees. The rest of you losers (who haven't had the pleasure to lose in their casinos yet) can go fuck off.

Platinum Resort Fees

We're also reminded by VT reader @TPainR that it is never a smart move to conduct a white glove (or towel) test on your hotel room at Planet Hollywood or lower in the Caesars hierarchy.

Platinum Resort Fees

Read the entire conversation and @phegas apology... 15 hours later. Oh, how the once mighty @phvegas Twitter account has fallen.

And finally, way back when Linq was first announced, we described the above skin being placed on Imperial Palace (now The Quad) as:

Star Trek meets Apple and some Cosmo and Crystals thrown in to the mix. Very very cool.

Well @quadvegas posted this the other day:

I can't imagine any more perfect an illustration of the wide swath between casino fantasy and casino reality.


Comments & Discussion:

Love that last part, how true, how true. Although you'll probably agree with me, if they would have done it like the skin pictured, it might have been the coolest looking building on the strip and deep down we knew that was never going to happen.

Are they going to renovate these buildings up to the fire code? I think we know about the Caesars née Harrah's track record when it comes to that. Fuck Caesars.

Have they found Engelstad's Hitler room?

Now that's a bit of Vegas history that the casino industry would love folks to forget about.

The real reason IP was never updated: Engelstad never got the financing to re-theme it as Vaterland.

It would have been a great venue for a production of The Producers....

What is the agreed upon hierarchy for Caesars properties?

Three tiers:
1: Caesars, [Gansevoort]
2: Planet Hollywood, Rio, Paris
3: Ballys, Harrah's, Flamingo

So Chuck, are you saying in Caesars world, the QUAD doesn't even rate? thought so....

For room quality, I'd rank Paris and the PHo together.
Then Bally's and Rio.
Then Harrah's and Flamingo.

And then the Quad. Somewhere down here.

Actually I forgot about the Quad. Hahaha.

A dealer that used to work at IP once told me that Ingelstad's philosophy was he just wanted $20 from every tourist that walked into the IP and he could care less if they ever came back.

That philosophy must have worked, as the Engelstad family has donated a sizable amount of money to the University Of North Dakota (They donated the money to build the Ralph Engelstad Arena [This is where UND's hockey program plays and practices {there is an Olympic-sized rink in addition to the rink used for games} and rivals many minor league hockey facilities.] and the Betty Engelstad Sioux Center [A smaller arena attached to the Ralph Engelstad Arena where the basketball, volleyball teams play.]. The two facilities cost over $107 million to build.). They also donated money in Las Vegas, including to UNLV to fund scholarships. That's a lot of $20 bills....

Just stayed at Harrah's. The rooms are old, but immaculate.

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