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Hell Hath No Fury Dept: Elaine Cogitates Steve Dickpunch

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 26th April 2013 11:35am
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Bloomberg Businessweek is reporting that the once and current ex-Mrs. Steve Wynn, the luscious and glowing Ms. Elaine Wynn is has moved in Federal court to void an agreement she had with Steve, precluding her from selling her holdings in Wynn Resorts.

As part of their divorce agreement, Ms. Wynn agreed to hold her shares and give Mr. Wynn voting rights for those shares. Selling those, would essentially unlock the handcuffs The Steve holds over the company and cause financial upheaval that could derail Wynn Resorts credit rating and any future developments, including Wynn Cotai, potentially gutting investor confidence that could create pandemonium on their market cap.

If Elaine's dickpunch scenario were a Facebook post, I'd click the shit out of the like button.

Is there any surprise here? Elaine Wynn is the glue that holds Steve's sanity together. This is a Rumsfeldian 'known known.' With history repeating itself and all that jazz.... the real question is will Steve lose the company again? If the court says yes and Elaine gesticulates for just desserts to be furnished posthaste Steve's villa, then we've transpierced the anterior portion of the end game.

Like most men, Steve Wynn sealed his fate when he unzipped his pants.

Would it be too forward of me to suggest an expeditious rebranding of Andrea's into Elaine's.

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Comments & Discussion:

I wonder if this dickpunch (if successful) is the first of several she's wanting to give him. If she can sell her stake in Wynn Resorts, what will she do with the money, buy into another gaming resort company or start up a competitor. Perhaps she's trying to get out before the shit hits the fan in regards to the Okada situation since it could potentially sink the company if Okada is found to have violated the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

I hope she sells her stake to Gene Simmons, and starts dating him, publicly slurping his tongue on Robin Leach's lap(top).

Give 'em hell, Elaine.

About 2 years ago, a bartender at the Cosmo told me the rumor was that Elaine was going to buy it for $1 Billion.

Holy shit this is major. And deserved. Steve Wynn has been on a downward spiral of shit for a while now, and Elaine has played patient long enough. Flaunting Andrea all over town, to the point where he built a restaurant named after said woman in the resort he built for Elaine is almost backstabbing in a snide late-life crisis kind of way.

I can see it now. Wynn Resorts World, Las Vegas.

I have to think if she were to sell her shares who or what entity would get them? If SW thinks he may lose he'd have to cut a rather large deal to get them from her no?
And what about all those shares Okada has? His % of control?
This is not good for SW. Not good at all.
He's supposed to have his finger on the pulse of Vegas. Did he see this coming?

Maybe she'll de-politicize Wynn. Since the 2012 election a lot of independents and especially democrats won't patronize the resort. Two things you never throw public when running a business: politics and religion. I would have thought Wynn and Adelson would have both known that.

Frankly, would like to see every one of those bloody god awful forced-on-you-from-the-airport-ride obnoxious taxi cab ad machines shoved straight Steve Wynn's arse.

@Malibugolfer Wynn Resorts bought Okada's shares back from him, albeit on a payment plan.


@BillDonovan The joke amongst some of the cabbies is that those ads made the drivers at YCS go crazy and is why they're on strike....

Right now, I want to be Elaine. This is rich.

::Random thought on this article::
I think I'd be fine living in a villa at the Wynn for the rest of my life

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