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The Cosmopolitan Of Mobile Check In

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 24th April 2013 12:20pm
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Some time ago, Cosmopolitan added a 'mobile check-in' option to their mobile website located at m.cosmopolitanlasvegas.com.


It seems simple... check in to your hotel room via phone, skip the lines. You still don't have keys to your room, but you're checked in. "Yay... I'm checked in! I'm here! Yay!" Useless in the Foursquare sense. It kind or reminds me of opening night.

Perhaps Cosmopolitan has unlocked the mysteries of mobile check in. I don't know, I haven't used it. I'm still gun shy about staying at Cosmopolitan again after having two early stays botched by amateur hotelierie. Hearing horror stories from others hasn't instilled confidence in me. Some folks, including a few VT staffers, love the joint and can't get enough. Terraces, man.

Without having the ability to turn your phone into a hotel room key OR building a quick key pick up kiosk, Mobile Check-In amounts to little more than exchanging one set of complexities for another. How is this easier? You still have to go to some sort of front desk to retrieve keys, discuss upgrade or downgrades and put in your request for a room with proximity to ice machine or elevator or whatever else you need. What time does mobile check in really save? Exchange the rope rodeo to go stand in the VIP lounge with 15 other people waiting for one attendant to help them?

I'm infinitely curious if any of you have used this thing and how it worked out for you. Did you save time? Did you get your requests fulfilled? Would you use it again?

Now, mobile check out would be the real winner app. Along with mobile Identity access.... or any Identity web access for that matter.

Thanks to Misnomer for the tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

Considering that the online portal for Identity has been under routine maintenance since at least the Fall of 2011, I'm not too sure of this.

Long time reader, first time commenting

The Cosmo baffles me so, I love their rooms, love the feel of the place and then you see things like the issues with Identity's website (as mentioned). I could see if this would turn your Identity card into your room key (which they can do) it would be great to avoid lines, but I would have to see it in action before I believe that it is actually useful or see more details. The biggest hit for me is the changes on their blackjack payouts, I may stay there, I may eat there, but I rarely gamble there anymore.

We stayed there last year and had no problems - even got bumped up to a 1 bedroom fountain view terrace for no apparent reason other than they liked my face (or my wife's most likely).

On the topic of mobile check in, you mention that you can't open doors with your phone.... this is probably not too far off. The technology exists, especially with Android NFC enabled phones like the HTC One and Galaxy III and IV. I could see where the mobile check in would provide a personalized link that you open on your phone which provides the mobile "key" so all you have to do is go to your room and wave your phone at the doorknob. One day, I guess....

Don't they have a key kiosk? They have a few stations for check out sort of near the Bell Desk. I had thought you might be able to do it there, but maybe I am mistaken. I have stayed there twice and both times were solid. Once in Jan 2011 right after it opened. The only snafu was that my TV got stuck on a channel...not a big deal. The last time was last May. My brother met me out there for work and they gave us a Terrace Studio that actually had two beds. They don't advertise or sell these rooms but at check-in I was told they converted a few rooms so that they have rooms with two beds AND a terrace. I don't understand why they don't sell these rooms. It was sweet, really high floor looking directly down on the Bellagio Fountains. Eastern end of the west tower.

I've seen "check-in kiosks" in some hotel lobbies, and I can understand how that might be more efficient if your room check-in really doesn't require any human interaction or there's a scheduled en masse arrival for a large convention. I would think, though, that most vacationers who really care about what room they get will want a more personal experience.

Usually how mobile check in works is a guest will either be texted or emailed when their room & keys are ready for pickup. It varies by property but the guest would then go to concierge or usually a separate place than the front desk to pick them up.

I haven't used it at Cosmo, but I have used text check in at Caesars, I text the day of to check in, and anytime after noon, my key is at the belldesk for my room, with the card on file going against my hotel bill. It probably won't matter much when it's used more, but for the times I've used it, I've loved it. Quick in and out from the bell desk and I know when my room is available.

I was told there was a remote check-in desk just outside the lobby. I'm assuming it's in the bell desk area as DuLac55 mentioned above.

The way I've used remote checkin at other hotels, it kind of sucks. You get no choices as far as high floor, low floor, proximity to elevator, view, etc. You get what the computer chooses to give you, and my guess is that the computers are programmed to give you the lowest-priority room within your purchased category.

Of course, you can then go to the desk and barter / plead / bribe / cajole your way into a better room. But then that defeats the point of remote check-in, doesn't it?

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