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WOW: Las Vegas Sun Reporter Steals Our Linq Post

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 22nd April 2013 3:52pm
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I'm not so sure why this shocks me so, but it appears that Las Vegas Sun and VegasInc reporter Ed Komenda has apparently ripped off our post from earlier today about the Linq pylon marquee - minus all the stuff about having access to documents and stuff.

Here's a screen grab of the print version of the article.

Yeah, we don't have exclusive on this information, it was freely obtained on the internet. BUT a considerable amount of time was spent finding it by VT's resident internet ferret Mac78130 and an equivalent amount of time was spent writing the post and tying in other bits and pieces of definitely exclusive information into the post. Without either of these efforts, Mr. Komenda would never have had an article to file.

We discuss things we read in various publications often, but we ALWAYS cite our sources unless they wish to remain anonymous.... from VT readers sending tips to articles on other blogs or newspapers.

Fitting. via @micako via Reddit:

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Comments & Discussion:

Two things are proven again--VT breaks more real Las Vegas news than the other media outlets combined, and the alleged mainstream media did NOT learn anything from the events of last week as regards to attribution and proper sourcing. Not that your information is inaccurate, but the Sun should give credit where credit is due!!

Stan FTW!!!!!

He probably took research lessons from Robin "Exclusive" Leach.....

He also did a very similar thing to an article on VegasChatter -

He Published 4/22: http://www.vegasinc.com/news/2013/apr/22/would-you-pay-250000-push-button/

VC Published 4/9: http://www.vegaschatter.com/story/2013/4/4/15528/65366/vegas-travel/The+%24250%2C000+Package+at+Hyde+Bellagio

I called them out on it and the "moderator" for the pages stated the following:

"A source tipped off the reporter about this story this morning. We were unaware of the Vegastripping.com story until our version had been posted for several hours."

Of course I fired off a response to that:

"If you expect me to believe that, you'd be wrong. This isn't the first time that writers for the Las Vegas Sun have passed off stories posted on other Vegas-related sites as their own "exclusive" stories. Robin Leach is the worst of the bunch that does it."

Editor contacted me via Twitter and said the same thing. I do not doubt that stuff like this can happen. However, my disbelief is peppered by VegasInc having a history of thieving concepts, news and information from us since they replaced their once great gaming/biz staff - Liz Benston, Jeff Simpson and Rick Velotta (who I still respect) - with a bunch of inexpensive content filler boneheads. One employee went on an extended tear of swiping VT posts until I called her out on it via Twitter. She didn't respond, but she did stop.

I don't expect this guy to admit to his editor that he poached the post, nor do I expect the editor to have the brains to ask this knuckleheads source where they saw it and then make the proper adjustments.

It is kind of a shame because I know a lot of great reporters in Vegas and find their work to be indispensable - Norm Clarke, Steve Friess, Howard Stutz, Oskar Garcia and Hannah Dreier at the AP, Arnold Knightly, Benjamin Spillman at RJ... tons more. These folks shouldn't be punished by the laziness of others.

the art of stealing and saying you are not stealing

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