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The Linq Resort, Casino and Marquee

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 22nd April 2013 11:21am
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Caruso Federated Incorporated Limited Company has posted a short video of the pylon marquee they and Caesars Entertainment are planning to build at the mouth The Linq.

The pylon follows the lead of the ARIA's freshly unveiled marquee - a long, tall LED display covered by advertising.

Interestingly, the mock up of the display contains artwork that says "The Linq Resort And Casino" in stylized lettering. This leads to a few questions:

a) Will the former O'Sheas structure become "The Linq Resort and Casino" ?

b) Is The Quad name temporary until Linq is built and IP's towers inevitably get demolished and rebuilt?

c) This is just random artwork.

d) None of the above

I'm going to vote for a little bit of A and a little bit of C.

I've seen recent architectural plans for the Linq project (the Yardhouse will be conveniently located at the north base of the High Roller) and can tell you this - the former O'Sheas will reopen as a casino. There is no name attached to this casino in the drawings... could it be the promised return of O'Sheas or perhaps this the "Linq Casino" touted in the above video? It is also worth noting that there are no other locations on the architectural plans which denote a new casino subdivision one didn't exist before. Either O'Sheas is or isn't returning. If it does return, options include being a casino within a casino inside The Quad or in or on top of the 'Linq Casino' building. Other possibilities include O'Sheas showing up inside the Flamingo, in the Linq promenade as a beerpong hall, or - more remotely - as a part of Gansevoort. More than likely, O'Sheas is a goner and Caesars statement that it would return was ointment straight from Caesars bullshit factory directed towards butthurt O'Sheas fans.

The interior of the Linq Casino will look something like this:

Linq Casino Floor

The entrance in the south east corner leads to a small aisle lined with four banks of slots on the south slope and 14 table games (including two roulette tables) on the north slope. This leads to more table games (including four craps tables) and slots. This atrium connects to the major walkway that heads back towards the Linq to the south and straight to the Dealertainer pit and eventually Carnival Court to the north.

It is - in layout - a casino that links the Linq to the Quad. Traffic patterns dictate that this isn't a destination space, but instead thoroughfare lined with casino entertainment. Again - as with the Carnival Court - Caesars primary concern is moving the thoroughfare off of the Strip and through their sticky walls. MGM thinks you want to be outside. Caesars doesn't care what you think once they get you sucked into their maze.

Big thanks to VT internet ferret superfriend Mac777333 for the vid tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

If they actually make it a pillar rather then the standard marquee, I think it could look interesting. One thing I do like bout diverting some of the front walkways through the Linq, Quad, Harrahs, is that it reduces the ridiculousness that is the walkways there now, right up against the street, jam packed with Pornslappers, costume characters, and the Margaritaville hangout people. So far, I like that the walk through Quad to Harrahs is a much better trip then when you had to walk past IP and around some of the circle to get into Harrahs.

Maybe I'm just cynical, but I have I don't believe that MRI opens the Park up completely. My guess is that the end design routes you the long way through NYNY, Monte Carlo, or the arena in order to get into the open.

I really like the look of the pylon. Much of the confusion is because Caesars hasn't done a good job of delineating between the Linq and the Quad. Where does one end and the other begin? Is the former O'Shea's space part of the Linq or the Quad? My view is the Quad should just be a hotel (with non-casino amenities) in the middle of the Linq.

Sorry for the non-comment above. Fat fingers.

Anyway, I'm in Vegas right now, was in The Quad yesterday. The former O'Shea's space is ALREADY part of the Quad. There's a brand new door facing south (towards Margaritaville) with shiny Quad signage overhead. The O'Shea's space is taken, ocupado, assumed into the Quad. Two new Strip-facing entrances (currently closed) sit where the Stripside IP bar/shop used to be. There's also a new north-facing entrance, which is a straight shot to the Harrahs entrance. And of course there's the previously-mentioned new porte cochere. All are prominently labeled "The Quad."

Of course, signs can change and be removed. But Caesars seems to be pushing the Quad name fairly hard, so I don't think it will. I think the Quad name will remain attached to the hotel and the casino assembled from the former IP and O'Shea's casinos. The Linq name will be everything between Harrahs, Quad, and Flamingo that isn't a hotel or casino.

Finally, there's no Rapid Roulette table in the new Dealertainers pit, or anywhere in the casino. Pit boss was noncommittal re. its return. I'm pissy about that.

I think Caesars should take that dead head shopping space going from the east end of Bally's to the Monorail and make into the new O'Sheas.

Any chance of catching the video somewhere else? Looks like it's been removed.

Here's a screen grab: https://twitter.com/vegastripping/status/326507267413405697

The pylon looks very...phallic...

I'm with Jinx73 though - Walking on the strip anymore is like playing Frogger with porn slappers, costumed characters, guys walking up to you trying sell you CDs of their music, homeless and the occasional nutjob talking to himself. If it's a minor diversion to go through the maze than stay on the strip I'll take the maze.

I think the former O'Shea's casino floor is now just an expansion of the Quad and wont have it's own brand. It's one of the only real entrances into the new Quad casino from LVB (other than the entrance by Carnival Court.

From what I have seen, I think the new O'Sheas will be directly connected into the old IP casino with an egress point from Linq. It will be almost directly behind the old O'Shea's, with a small retail outlet and a large Food and Beverage between them. Looks to be about 5,000 sq feet.

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