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JimTV: The Park - Updated With More Renderings

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 18th April 2013 10:59am
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MGM boss Jim Murren has you figured out. After renaming the company "MJIM Resorts" in the embedded video, he engages in a quick dissertation about what it is that Vegas visitors want.

Y'all are Vegas visitors.... beyond the obvious burgers and beer discussion... is he right? Is this really new knowledge that tourists like to walk from one property to another and poke around outside on the way?

Oh and two more renderings:

Monte Carlo frontage... to the right is sbe's "Double Barrel" where the fountain is/was/won't be.

Monte Carlo Frontage

NYNY frontage:

Monte Carlo Frontage

The Hershey's Chocolate World is butt ugly and just as stupid gaudy as the horrible MnM's World across the street. Why not go vintage style? This is what it currently looks like:

NYNY hotel vegas front

Typical. Old tenement buildings razed to make way for corporate tchotchke shop. Even the faux Strip is being fake gentrified!

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Comments & Discussion:

"So basically, everything we didn't do when we almost bankrupted the company building City Center."

Pretty much. Dr. Dave's post on Vegas Seven really nails it.


It almost looks like they could keep the bridge...

They won't... But they could!

I could live with the Hershey's thing...given the sheer amount of money that likely gets dropped at the M&M thing across the street, its not the worst idea..but you could also put a Junior's on property..for those familiar with the name, they have locations in Brooklyn, Times Square, Grand Central Station and Foxwoods in CT..absolutely great cheesecake and cake products..

Re. the bridge, when I read this in the official mumbo-jumbo (or is that mumbo-jimbo?), I had hope: "New York-New York will modify its skyline and Brooklyn Bridge to create a wonderful environment brought to life through a vibrant patio culture and retailers new to the market...."

Modify, not remove. I hoped the bridge would remain. But the renderings show otherwise. Sigh.

The bridge is staying, folks! They are just removing the majority of the water, with only some remaining on both sides of the bridge. Water feature with lady Liberty thus becomes a standalone feature and not connected with the bridge water.

Yes, the Hershey's store is gaudy. It's also an exact replica of the Hershey's in Times Square. Therefore it fits the NYNY theme perfectly. Makes sense to me.

"BREAKING: People go to LV to do what they want, when they want! We've just found this out!" - Jimbo, MJIM Resorts

Front door, back door, side door...where's the door that'll let me escape the flicker people and characters that will be violating my personal space me while I sit prone eating Shake Shack?

Looks like they're leaving the Nine Fine Irishmen space untouched (which shouldn't be suprising because it was being rebuilt while I was there a few weeks ago). I'm a little disappointed that they're changing the side entrance to the casino to a more modern entrance.

I wonder if they'll at least redo the Statue of Liberty Fountain... that's needed some work for awhile.

If it's a resort's job to give me - the Vegas visitor - what I want, then why can't I find 3:2 blackjack and get decent MJIM room comps for being a lowroller?

Anyway, this was going to be a rant about the Times Square-ification of the NYNY facade, when I realized that most of the Vegas Strip *already* looks like New York's Times Square (especially the east side of LV Blvd from Harmon to Planet Hollywood).

But I'm still a fan of The Park. My jury is still out on the changes to Monte Carlo and NYNY.

Curious as to who will be providing security at this Park (and the Linq). As it is the Las Vegas police who enforce security on the ped bridges, and the sidewalks. Does MGM plan to provide additional security officers and outdoor security cameras for these open outdoor spaces? Also, wonder if they will install some sort of a turnstile entrance to keep out the riffraff?

Doh. Those art deco gambling pictures on the NYNY facade are one of the little details I love. That and the theatre marquee below it are getting replaced with.... A glass panel and a generic entrance sign.

Of course, the billboard above those things will be staying. Of course.

As if the customer of before wanted to be trapped.

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