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How MGM Markets At You Via Facebook

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 15th April 2013 9:10am
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MGM Resorts International is currently being profiled by Facebook as a case study for marketing success. Check out the video here.

What is interesting to not here is that Facebook is granting MGM "privacy safe" access to your personal information, which then then run through the kanoodler until it spits out a match of who you are.... whereupon they target even more marketing stuff at you.

Just a reminder that social media marketing arms of casinos are NOT your friends, they're commercials that you invited into your home. So nice of Facebook to grant them permission to rummage through your information.

Big thanks to God for the tip.

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>Facebook is granting MGM "privacy safe" access to your personal information

Curious about this, it seems they're running through the email addresses they get, presumably from mLife, through the whole Find A Friend By Email function.

Just never give your email address when signing up for a slot card, etc. I don't know why anyone would.

Didn't see the link, but is this in reference to that MyVegas bullcrap?

@minvegas - If you don't give the email, you don't get the email offers. do you get email offers?

oskee - link is https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151362007258202

I hope it shows them that I'm a cheap ass and have no interest in paying for my Vegas room, or a resort fee on a trip. In addition I could ocmpletely do without most pre-sale show tickets.

However on the other hand, I'm more then willing to report my experiences froma trip spend a fair amount on gambling, food, and drink and tip pretty well for an average level player.

When information analytics tells them all that, then I'll be impressed, the thing analytics doesn't get is that most of the information on people on the web is garbage and the rules of database design still apply.

"Privacy Safe" = Facebook's "Custom Audience"/"Exchange" advertising product available to all advertisers. Email databases are bumped against the email address tied to your Facebook account via a 3rd party (this is the safe part). Then ads can be targeted to those profiles that matched.

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