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Las Vegas Club Doing Demolition

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 11th April 2013 9:14am
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It appears that the Las Vegas Club, aka Vegas Club aka LVC aka Trippies Winner For Worst Downtown has brought in a crew of guys from the parking lot at Home Depot to do a little demolition.

LVC Demolition

The Main Street and south west doors are closed and wrapped in 'caution loose slots, bad smells and sassy 80 year old waitresses are inside' tape.

A chunk of slots have been moved to the former Tinoco's Kitchen, where they are making more of a profit now unplugged than previously.

LVC Demolition
Help Us

A dealer states that the construction is "probably a bar or something oh and I fucking hate working here, staring at roquefort-cheese-legs delivering Colorado Bulldogs back and forth at a snails pace all day"

Just what Fremont Street needs.... ANOTHER BAR!

Big thanks to VT superfriend CHall (@dustinofholland) for the tweet tip .

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Comments & Discussion:

Vegas Club's online booking page won't allow you to select anything other than April 2013.
Looks like some major renovations are coming this way.

Just what downtown needs...another bar.

The bar that was already in LVC was craptastic. The entire casino was/is a dump. I have ZERO expectations.

I once took a piss in the corner of the casino, and the security guard thanked me for making the area smell a little better.

It can't get any worse.

Now where am I supposed to get a 50 cent hams?

Skrillex's brother Skaralex is supposed to be the new resident DB.

"Help Us"??

Why does this come to mind:

why does the term gift wrapping a turd come to mind here?

I agree with Jake Anders, the $.50 Hamm's drafts were fucking great. I hope the remodel follows Derek Stevens M.O. Seems to be working for his properties.

Vegascrapper is reporting that it's gonna be a gift shop. Well, since there's no other gift shops downtown, I guess this will be a hit...should make them millions.

I asked a security guard last night- he claimed they were building a gift shop. At roughly 35 by 60 feet and encompassing nearly 20% of the casino floor and being right up front, I quickly dismissed his claim as a cover for something bigger.

You can't loose with the $2.00 hot dog & beer deal they have at the bar, every time I stay in downtown I have it, but the sad true is that it was annoying as hell this past weekend, we were there on Monday morning for a quick bite before hitting the road and the noise was awful, can't believe that there were people gambling with the crew and all that construction going on.
I'll see what it looks like in May then...

I love the graffiti "Help Us" in the background.

Ohhh, is that where they keep the dealers when they aren't on the floor?

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