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Mirage Opens Up The Villas

By MikeE on Wednesday, 10th April 2013 9:17am
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I mean, *really* opens up.

One of the last bastions of Roger Thomas-ness left under the canopy of MGM resorts - an area once sacred to all but those with six-figure credit lines - is now not just available to the general public, but bookable online.

I've gushed aplenty about how gorgeous Mirage's villa and lanai suites are, but with a starting price tag of $1500 per night for the smallest offerings and well above $4000 for the largest, even one night of swank just wasn't feasible.

To my surprise, along with an update to the villas' splooge-inducing website came a much-welcomed update to pricing. At about half of what they were previously charging, these mini estates on select dates are, dare I say, reasonable. Why even consider SkyLofts or Hotel32?

It should be noted that the one and only renovated villa in Mirage's arsenal is nowhere to be seen on the new website. My guess is that giving the whole place a refresh was out of the budget and the updated accommodation will continue to be whale-only. Regardless, having seen these rooms in person a few years ago, they're definitely not modern, but their timeless decor continues to endure.

And yes, at that level, there's still a resort fee.

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Gorgeous. I had never seen the motor entrance before. Do you enter from Industrial?

Wow, I'd call $750 for a lanai a bargain.

MikeE, are you saying the villas accommodations are nicer than Skylofts/Hotel 32? Or is it that The Mirage property is superior to MGM/MC? Or are the villas more bang for the buck? Sorry for the confusing questions. Thanks....

Here is a thought. Could this price break be a lead up to a remodel of all the Villas/Lanai? I only say this because in 2009 Mirage had a price break on the Tower/Penthouse suite a few monthes before they did a total refreshing of all of them. I stayed in a Tower Suite for less then $ 150 a night, and a quick search now shows them at $245 per night. Just a thought.

@salkken Both superior property and far, far superior accommodations. Definitely more bang for the buck if you time your stay right.

@Antman You might be on to something, but my guess is that with the website and all the new photography, they'll be sticking with this style for a while.

Anyone want to split a 1-bedroom Lanai 5 ways? ;)

God, they've lowered the prices just enough to seem attainable but that a lot of spare change in the grand scheme of things for a low-roller such as myself.

for less than 800 you can have the same suite as nick papagorgio!

To anyone interested in looking at tons of pictures of the Lanais and Villas, Oyster.com has updated their Mirage photos and there are tons - including the renovated Villa 9.

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