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Update: Monte Carlo To Under Go Major Strip Frontage Renovation

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 3rd April 2013 5:17pm
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Monte Carlo Strip Frontage Renovation

The somewhat forgotten but still lovely fountain plaza outside of Monte Carlo's north entrance is on the verge of being demolished, commencing a project which has evolved to be astonishingly larger than we had initially reported a few years ago. Original plans filed with the city stated that Monte Carlo was to add a restaurant space adjacent to the main entrance which would include some patio seating and a rooftop beer garden.

We have now learned that the project has expanded to include a thorough demolition of the entire plaza and construction of new spaces all along the Strip facing entrance from Diablos to the fountain. The "wings" to the existing entrance will be completely gutted and rebuilt to accommodate five new spaces occupied by tenants to be named later. Three new spaces will occupy the areas east and north of Andre's including the fountain plaza, two additional spaces will occupy the south side of the entrance, between the casino floor and Diablo's.

Monte Carlo Strip Frontage Renovation

The largest of these spaces will take up a majority of the exterior plaza and will be a dining/entertainment venue with live entertainment. Seating for about 400 patrons will be available in a naturally lit indoor dining room or under an outdoor trellis which will extend right to the Las Vegas Boulevard frontage. This will not be a nightclub, but instead an indoor/outdoor vibe dining.

One has to wonder if the addition of the spaces adjacent to main front entrance will lead to a demolition of the existing structures out front and a complete rethinking of the look and feel of Monte Carlo's strip frontage a la Planet Hollywood. Perhaps this is the first phase of MGM Resorts Internationals own Linq-styled promenade.

Big thanks to VT superfriend SteveCovington for the super juicy tip.

Update: I just got hate mail from the lady who operates the Eater Las Vegas blog accusing me of stealing their post:

From: Susan Stapleton - vegas@eater.com

Comments: You could at least mention that you got all of the information on the Monte Carlo renovation from Eater Vegas. We always give you guys credit when you get the story first.


What About: Hate Mail

I'll be honest... I didn't read the Eater post. In fact, I don't read any Vegas blogs. I would need to hire an intern to read, digest and summarize the reams of stuff that gets posted daily in the Vegas media/blogosphere these days. I used to read Eater LA years ago, but I realized that I want art, not paraphrases.

The information in this post was culled from documents linked to me by a tipster on Sunday night at 8:57pm. I began studying these on Monday (in between composing my April fools gags) and began taking notes for my post on Tuesday and wrote it out earlier today.

I have no motivation to claim anyone's work as my own or purposefully omitting credit where it is due. This is borne out by NINE years of operating this website.

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Comments & Discussion:

Just another one of MGM's blunders in my opinion. I always thought the from of Monte Carlo was one of the nicer in Vegas. Diablos looks so out of place to me. If they are going to add street front business, at least they could take a hint from Paris and incorporate it a little into the theme of their resort.

Does anyone even use the Monte Carlo's Strip-fronting entrances, or do people just ride the free Bellagio/City Center tram and enter from the rear of the property?

That said, I agree with everything @coybotjr says. Another themed segment of another hotel gets a visit from Captain Wreckingball.

I usually enter Monte Carlo using the Bellagio/City Center tram.

I also like the front of Monte Carlo, but I'm interested to see what they have planned.

They're just trying to monetize the Strip real estate the front of Monte Carlo occupies. Looks like they've learned from the City Center (and the Alladin) that you never, ever want to make people go out of their way to enter your hotel/casino entrance. They'll just walk on by and drop their hard earned $$$ at someone else's joint. That being said, I do like the statue of Mercury running away with Aphrodite :-)

If they connect the City Center tram to NYNY via THE PARK! I wouldn't go out to that part of the strip at all... except maybe to stop at the CVS to hit the no-fee Chase ATM...

Any word on when this starts?

I agree that they need to use their strip front better, but putting up more things like Diablos is not the way to do it. If they make this new front an extension of the Monte Carlo theme I am all for it, but sadly MGM has proven time and time again that they are not capable of such things.
On a side note, I miss the Aladdin, one of my favorite themes and I wish it was still around and they had built a new casino as PH as I do like PH's feel as well.

Re: eater getting all butthurt, your story isn't at all like theirs. It's not like this was an exclusive.

I was trying to think about using that entrance, and the last 4 times I've been there I've come in from the Aria tram, walked thru the casino, and out the doors by Diablo's. So I can't remember this area for the life of me. I do agree with others that it would be nice to incorporate the theme into the frontage, but I fully anticipate McD's moving from the food court and putting up an almost-Aria-marquee-sized Golden Arches.

I have to admit I think de-theming MC's stripfront is a mistake, and I LIKE MGM Moderne!

MC's theme was always tasteful and understated. So really, why not keep it?

Indeed, I have an idea: Monte Carlo is on the French Riviera, so why not make that the theme of the stripfront (well, you couldn't call it the Riviera obviously but still)? It could be subtle and have lots of al fresco stuff and still fit into the property.

Eater's article came across as more of an April Fools joke than as real news. Their article was the first time I had ever seen anyone mention Victoria Partners as being the owner of the Monte Carlo, which was the company Circus Circus and Mirage Resorts formed when they built the Monte Carlo (and has been under the MGM Resorts umbrella for years now). That lent itself as being a possible April Fools joke since everyone for the most part knows that its' owned by MGM Resort and are unaware of the various subsidiary companies that casino companies have that are the listed owners/operators.

Wasn't a fan when they added Diablo's Catina, won't be a fan of this.

Monte Carlo doesn't have much going for it, but I like the classic front entrance. Such a shame to turn it all into crappy stores and overpriced restaurants.

Couldn't they fit a Cosmopolitan in there?

The Monte Carlo is the Jan Brady of MGM, sadly.
Aside from Hotel 32, which looks awesome, and I can't wait to stay in one of their suites, the rooms need a refresh and the property needs a little love. Hopefully the renovation won't just be to add more retail and dining but will add some flair to the guest rooms and suites.

I hated the addition of Diablo's. I've never set foot in that place and never will.

I used to love the MC facade, it was so elegantly placed between a sea of tackiness. That's just how I remember it on my first few trips. I mourn the loss of Classy Monte Carlo.

EaterLV can suck it.

The MC is where I lost my Vegas virginity and that is why I have not been a big fan of most of the changes. Did we really need another ice bar just a few casinos down from the original? I didn't like replacing the lounge with Brand. I always liked the original entrances and thought they were the most elegant part of the resort. I miss the old bar that was replaced with the Ignite lounge. One thing I always enjoyed about the MC before Ignite is that is was one of the last MGM casinos where you could enjoy drinks and good conversation in the evening hours without having to shout over the blaring music.

They should have been spending more money renovating the rooms the past few years.

I think the reason they are doing this is simply to get people to go into MC. I walk by the place all the time when I am there and have only been in once. As for Diablo's it doesn't fit the look of MC and yes, it looks out of place. It is also a pain to get tables at so I pass the place but never feel drawn to eat there.

Some great comments. Old front great, Diablos not compelling, lost my Vegas virginity there too, Jan Brady of MGM :-)

-I actually use that entrance a fair amount.

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