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ARIA Marquee Testing Testing Testing

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 2nd April 2013 1:09pm
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ARIA marquee

The ARIA marquee is in test pattern mode now. We knew it was large, but yikes. Three cheers for Vegas style competition: make your thing bigger, taller, brighter, louder than the neighbors. If ARIA could've designed it in the shape of a middle finger pointing at Cosmopolitan, they probably would have. The girth is effective... Cosmopolitan's marquee looks almost 'cute' by comparison.

While negating Cosmopolitan's Marquee marquee, it still doesn't bring ARIA's poker slots, pizza, tapas or uber cushy pillowtop mattresses any closer to the street... but it certainly feels like it does.

Big huge thanks to VT staffer JohnH and his friend Mr. Giggles for tweet sharing this flicc.

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Comments & Discussion:

Here's a quick Vine I posted the other day when I saw it testing:


Color me impressed....and a little intimidating. I thoughtt Cosmopolitan was pretty big but this is monster, uh, marquee territory.

@bgrapes awesome!

The sign is too damn big. Will I have to wear shades just to walk past it at night?

Poor guys in the Veer who a> have their strip views blocked by the sign and b> will now have 24/7 video shining into their living rooms.

Suddenly, I feel so inadequate...

Going to see the latest Pitchfork darling at the rooftop pool is getting to be an uglier and uglier experience.

Perhaps the county's regulatory body needs to start considering the aesthetic value of the entire neighborhood when approving/denying permits to build things like this. This structure is basically a visual obstruction and it's increase to the property-holder's bottom line is questionable/negligible, while it could negatively impact surrounding businesses.

Unfortunately, the halls of power are fit to less business do what business is gonna do while providing palm trees, overhead walkways, and struggling to accommodate the extra utility use.

At least the marquee is a perfect representation of how massive, boring, and uninspired the property is.

Remember to breathe.

I can't wait to see the Blue Screen Of Death on this marquee....

Here are some other shots I took on Friday:


Hell, I like it. I also like that Aria as a whole either really pisses people off or really impresses them. There's not much middle ground in the reactions to it.

I have to say the picture doesn't do the dwarfing of Aria's marquee to Cosmo's justice. It's almost ridiculous to view in person.

just think how much bigger it's going to look without the Harmon there putting it into smaller context.

Neon makes way for LCD/LED. It still probably uses less electricity than a couple of neon outdoor signs.

It's not about the size of the dog in the fight, it's about the size of the fight in the ... welp, nevermind.

I like it. Should've been there all along. Well played, Mr. Murren.

I personally like it. Where else but in Vegas can you have this impressive display of excess?

@Oskee2001 Times Square? :)

It kind of reminds me of the old Dunes Marquee...a very sad unimaginative reminder.

It's like a giant EPT strip.

Ha good point :)

"Hey Smails! My dinghy's bigger than your whole boat!"

The craziest part of this whole marquee is that it's powered by ONE Mac mini.

It was oocasionally on and mostly broken when we were there last week. :)

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