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Judging The Response To Gansevoort

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 2nd April 2013 12:09pm
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Two weeks ago, the Caesars Entertainment brain trust - a term we use loosely... brains? trust? HAHAHAHA - announced that Barbary Bill's Ramblin' Gamblin' Booze Hall and Shootin' Range would be transformed into the quarter billion dollar Gansevoort hotel. The presentation of the properties new name and style was met with a reaction not seen since Geraldo Rivera unsealed Al Capone's vault to find two empty gin bottles and a rusty old stop sign.

In the ensuing weeks, as news of the ground breaking Gansevoort would echo through the blogosphere, Twittersphere and Totalrewardsesphere, with press releases buttressed by a massive push on all of Gansevoort and Caesars social media channels, perhaps including direct email marketing, website blurbs and posts on their award winning blogs we should be now able to gather the level of interest for Gansevoort.

Yes folks, @GansevoortLV has a whopping 31 followers on Twitter, proving the old adage: "if a tree falls in Las Vegas, Caesars Entertainment won't hear it because they have their heads up their ass."

Perhaps Gansevoort was the highest bidder for naming/management rights. Perhaps the launch wasn't effective. Perhaps nobody cares. Perhaps Gansevoort won't open as Gansevoort.

Big thanks to @GansevoortLV follower #2 and VT ferret #1 Mac78130 for the tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

At least they snagged that twitter handle before it got hijacked and hilarity ensued. **cough**cough** I'm talkin' to you, The Quad.

I know it's been discussed ad naseum over the past few weeks in many many places but names like "The Quad", "Gansevoort" and even "The D" (granted the d actually has some character behind the name given the Detroit connection etc) are really disappointing. Perhaps the name isn't that important, perhaps the name IS that important....maybe the experience should speak volumes and not the name. Either way.....these names (especially the two from CET) really suck.

I want nothing more than to see Vegas grow and prosper as I feel the old adage "as tide rises so do all the ships in the sea" is very applicable to sin city but come on.....ok, off the soap box for now.

Actually they now have *32* followers!

I know people love to hate on this, but I, for one, am looking forward to it. Bills never appealed to me, but this would. I understand the name doesn't mean a lot to folks right now, but to the target demo it's a well known brand. The wife and I had a good time at the park avenue location when we were in NYC last year.

The name is too weird and will never catch on. That room does look cool though with the exposed brick walls.

Most people have their gansevoorts surgically removed, they don't book into one for the night.

The Quad on one side and the Douche on the other. Makes perfect sense to me!

My favorite part of their Twitter page is the miniscule background photo of the Strip circa 2001.

Like Resort World, this place is being re-designed for people not like us (that is, high-rolling douchebags [them, not us])

I don't know how the property will play out with the name it's uninspired and boring, but the end result will truly tell the story. I will say that Bills corner at night is now a disaster with every strip performer, beggar in the area hanging out there, with little light and no security.

Gansevoort will feature the shortest walk from the club to the bedroom in Vegas. If the rooftop club is a winner, it will become a hook-up mecca. Proximity has its advantages.

But they better hope LV is still the playground for the young and well-heeled in 2014. Trends come and go.

@RobbieNomi.. if you like that photo, you should see the cover photo on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gansevoort-Las-Vegas/516984758347175

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