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Wynn Unveils Everett Renderings

By Chuckmonster on Sunday, 31st March 2013 5:52pm
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After a six long hard years of economic crisis casting cannonballs at the bows of the highest and mightiest of casino corporations, it appears that the storm is indeed over, blue skies have returned and the sun is shining ever so brightly.

Baseball season? Duck season? No... development season.

Resorts World emailed around 500 megabytes of renderings and a coupla Word docs, SLS hired some backhoes to knock shit over and Wynn Resorts is moving dirt on their plot in Cotai.

A bit closer to home, Wynn unveiled their plans for Wynn Everett, their second attempt to procure a gaming license in the hotly contested Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The property will be built on the banks of Mystic River, on the site of a former Monsanto Chemical plant as well as previous owners who perpetrated environmental destruction for over 100 years. Pending approval, proper and SAFE remediation of the contamination and attentive restoration of the surrounding area - a lush-less landscape of factories, warehouses and a Target - the construction of Wynn Everett could be transformation for the City of Everett and the righting of a major environmental wrong.

Wynn Everett

Wynn Everett.

Wynn Everett

Built in Wynn 2.0 style as exemplified by Encore Macau and further enhanced by the forthcoming Wynn Cotai, Wynn Everett has probably more to do with Beau Rivage than either of those two. While still shaped like a "hug" the famous graceful Wynn curve has been replaced with clear edged angles, pinstripes exchanged for solid borders and sloping roof leveled with logo on the center spine. The stance is feminine, perfumed elegance with beautiful but somewhat mismatched cadre of post-Bellagio, glass-atrium promenade extending out on the north side. The diamonds... 1/2 column of 7, full column of 8, full column of 7, full column of 8, full column of 7, full column of 8, half column of 7 = 777 and 888, the universe of lucky numbers. This wasn't by accident.

Wynn Everett

A lovely Esplanade. With waterfront restaurant seating on one side and retail on the other.

Wynn Everett

The Conservatory... for when Winter punishes the exterior gardens and the soul needs a taste of the coming spring. It might be more effective here than in Las Vegas.

Wynn Everett beegplay.com

Pedal boats. How charming. Even the dock is shaped like a hug. Nice going DeRuyter.

I'm compelled to think that this is "economical" Wynn Design and Development. How can we exude the stuff that fortune heirs go gaga about without spending a fortune to do it. Straighten the lines, simplify the details, build what you know and make everything as modular as possible. Beau Rivage. Or the Beau copycat Belterra come to mind. I trust the interiors will be gorgeous as well.

Looks great. Can't wait.

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Comments & Discussion:

Super exciting, the ground level looks compelling, familiar and sophisticated. In my opinion, however, the tower would look like any business office complex if it didn't have the diamond lattice running up the center.

Pedal boats by day... Steve's balls by night?

This must be Wynn's equivilant to Beau Rivage in Mississippi...

Bellagio....Beau Rivage
Wynn...Wynn Everett

The only real competition they had for the Boston-area resort casino license (to be awarded in 2014) is the partnership of Suffolk Downs and Caesars Entertainment to built a resort at the Suffolk Downs racetrack (Which has the backing of Boston's mayor, but has been the subject of local protests.). It's slated to be branded as a Caesars, but without the Roman touches.

Here's some renderings of Caesars Suffolk Downs:

There's a third competitor for the license, a partnership of developer David Nunes and Foxwoods, who are proposing a resort in Milford, MA. This developer only recent got Foxwoods onboard his project, which is seen as a dark horse candidate.

The amount of environmental cleanup that may be required may be the biggest obstacle to the project if Wynn Resorts gets the license.

The area surrounding the proposed resort is a literal and figurative dump. The view from the other side of the hotel tower is of a field of oil tanks.

Actually, now that I think of it, the Suffolk Downs view would essentially be the same - a field of oil tanks.

In what world is this a smart business decision? Does Wynn really expect the residents of Everett, Massachusetts to drop money in his Chanel store or hundreds of dollars on dinner? Ha! Please.


This thing looks like a mesh of all his previous resorts mushed together. The colors of Wynncore, the diamond pattern of Encore Macao, the squareness with white top of Mirage, and the water and copper roofs of the esplanade of Bellagio. Why would they waste the corners with structure, when they could have corner suites?

Looks like Wynn is saving money by creating the same tower design for Wynn Everett as they did for Wynn Philadelphia. Both designs are bids for a license that won't be awarded for a while still. Might as well re-use as much as possible since it is very unlikely both Everett and Philadelphia will be built.

Here again it seems that one could avoid the casino, presumably on the far side of the "front" of the resort, while being able to enjoy the non-gaming area. I'm curious as to whether Wynn will opt for lot parking or a garage, given the proximity to Route 99. These guys sure know how to place these things, don't they? The road would dump right into the property, less than four miles away from downtown Boston and is bordered by the commuter rail to the north.

Can you imagine how many people this place will siphon off from that adjacent Costco on a sunny Sunday afternoon? Perfect outdoor area for boozing in the summer. Hell, if I was making a trip to Boston, I might check this place's rates rather than the Four Seasons or Mandarin Oriental.

@bd9902 I think the Wynn proposal is great in that this is less than a half-hour from downtown Boston, with traffic. Greater Boston is home to almost eight million people and the destination of twenty-one million domestic and international tourists every year.

Do you think people in and near downtown Boston don't have money? Do you think domestic and international tourists don't come to Boston with pocketfuls of cash? If you do, I'd love to bet against you.

Don't know if anyone notices this, but there is an actress her name is Wynn Everett. Now, her name is now the name of a casino. Just thought that was interesting to throw in here. Hahaha..

Building looks like a cologne bottle. Bleh.

@johnd I'm not against having a casino in Boston, I just think the location is terrible. The Suffolk Downs location is a much better option, IMO.

I live in the Boston area (North Shore to be specific) and this area is a dump. I'm from Lynn which is two cities over from Everett and Wynn dropped the ball on this one.

While the location isn't ideal the Wynn proposal is better received in the community than the Caesars proposal, which will ultimately win it for them. It would have been nice to get it on the waterfront in South Boston, but a casino in Boston proper would never fly.

I think it will be successful in spite of its location and all the headaches associated it with. Wynn is also in talks with the MBTA to purchase a portion of there land behind the track they already have under agreement to expand the foot print a bit.

They should add in a fountain show to the lake. Would really take paddle boating to the next level...

If someone from Lynn thinks the area is a dump, it's REALLY a dump!

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