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ARIA'S New Disco Sprouts

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 21st March 2013 2:01pm
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ARIA has renovated the 2nd floor dining vestibule. Gone are the pointy mirrored mountain cactus freak out thingamahoojis and in their place is new carpet, comfy couches and a pair of spermtastic "disco sprouts." Czech it:

Disco Sprouts

Big thanks to VT superfriend @brockradke for the Tweet tip and the coining the perfect name "Disco Sprouts." Expect the CityCenter fine art tour app to update momentarily.

In related news, the Aria logo has been added to the top of the marquee and testing is now underway.

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Comments & Discussion:

This sculpture needs to be placed near the Jizz Walken photos......

Looks a hell of a lot better than it did but still misses the mark. I still think most of the interiors need to be completely overhauled, even the places that already have been.

I imagine in about 7 or 8 years, Aria will be remarkably outdated when compared to Bellagio or Wynn at the 8 year mark.

There is just something still about Aria's public spaces that feel "off". I've tried liking it, but for whatever reason I can never wait to get the hell out of there. Place completely sucks the
energy out pf me.

Hmmm, gives me some ideas for a set of 3D renderings to make for my portfolio.

I would have said Disco Sperm...

As long as they don't mess with the oculus.

Whew! Glad they have the ropes around it. Protects pole dancers from spinning and clanking their head.

Looks like Optimus Prime's sperm...

How 'bout a poool table?

Meh. Too much of City Center was designed for the urban architectural cognescenti. They lost me with Murren's silly gushing over the pocket park. City Center planners aimed for sterile Manhattan high-rise, and by God they achieved it.

I've always thought of Aria as the anti-Vegas resort, targeted at business travelers and conventioneers who are in Vegas on Monday, Wichita on Tuesday, Oklahoma City on Wednesday, etc. It's bland so as to keep everyone focused on widget sales meetings. It bores me to tears.

I agree with Drake and Misnomer 100%. The fact that Aria is Murren's baby justifies his desire for all of MGM's properties to have that same bland, themeless appeal.

And that fact alone is why the man (talented as he is) should be not in charge of a casino company.

"Glam Spooge"

If it wasn't for the nice rooms they comp me and Julian Serrano's tapa restaurant, I'd never step foot in the place. I think it's just meant to be MGM's convention property and nothing more.

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