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Will Harmon Implode, Japanese Style?

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 12th March 2013 9:44am
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Eventually, the time will come when the beleaguered Harmon Hotel will come down. Unlike other classic Vegas hotel implosions, the destruction of Harmon isn't cause for celebration as inept construction at the early stages kneecapped its completion.

Perhaps MGM should bypass Controlled Demolition Inc. and call this Japanese firm to remove the building.

Imagine the marketing opportunities.... "Cirque Du Soleil Zarkana Presents The Greatest Implosion Never Imploded."

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Comments & Discussion:

Pretty cool, but I think Steve Wynn should get to fire a cannon from a fake ship at every building they bring down in Vegas.

Given his vision, he might hit Trump by accident on purpose.

Look, the building's eating itself. Nom nom nom.

Now that I have that out of my system, this is likely what will happen. The Harmon's podium is tied into Crystals (the expansion joint is beyond the Aria marquee, running through the mall itself) and if they were to implode they could damage the integrity of all attached buildings. Looking forward to a boring disassembly whenever it happens.

That's a very interesting technique and considering the location of the Harmon, this is probably the best and safest way to demolish the building. Then again, by the time the lawsuits get settled, there may be a laser that can do the job for them.....

Wow, that is really impressive. This does seem like the perfect solution to the Harmon problem. Unfortunately, it is really boring to watch in real-time. I want to see flying debris and sobbing Perini executives.

It will hav eto come down in sections since no one wants to see a rain of glass slicing people up just because they want to go to Cosmo.

Guess I've been out of the game for a while insomuch as I forgot why the Harmon was to be demo'ed. A quick Google search led to wiki which quickly solved that.. but why are they dragging their feet on getting rid of it? Because of this danger they're talking about? Is that only it? The earthquake theory sounds scary.. but the likelihood of a quake in Vegas.. I bet there's odds on that.. and not very good ones..

Well. At least one big enough to make the Harmon come down finally..

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