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Your Resort Fees At Work: The Planet Hollywood Resort Vista

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 11th March 2013 7:46pm
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Eagle eyed VT reader Funkhouser spotted something interesting on the Planet Hollywood website - a rogue photo of a refreshed Resort Vista room on the bottom right hand corner of their website.

Planet Hollywood Resort Vista

At first glance, I love the red dresser. At third through fiftieth glance, I hate it. It is certainly eye catching, but kind of overwhelms everything else. Perhaps it is a vortex wherein all the resort fees go. The original Resort Vista rooms have yellow and white striped wall paper and the same old interior design they've had since the the PH rebrand. A mystery.

There is also another suite design that is featured on the PH homepage that doesn't show up in their hotel overview listing:

Planet Hollywood Resort Vista

Another mystery. If only the Javascript on their hotel over view detail popup dialog window thingies worked on a Mac. Maybe if we're lucky the resort fees will pay for that too.


Comments & Discussion:

That second picture is a Mega Suite. Presumably it's not on P-Ho's site because it probably isn't available outside a casino host.

Experience the A-list treatment with luxury accommodations fit for Hollywood’s finest. Spanning two-stories, more than 4,000 square-feet, offering 180-degree panoramic views of the Las Vegas Strip, the Mega Suite offers a spa retreat, fitness room, full bar, separate dining room with butler pantry, two refrigerators fully-stocked upon request, individual climate controls and electronically-controlled window treatments in each room. Twenty-four hour butler service is also available.

I wonder if this is gonna be a remodel of all rooms or just the suites. If resort-wide, it's interesting that Caesars would renovate the barely 6-year old product at PHo before finishing up at Paris, sprucing up the Roman Tower at CP, doing something (anything!) with Bally's dreaded South Tower, or even a half-assed attempt at The Quad's rooms.

That red dresser is giving me the creeps. And the look still doesn't justify the resort fees.

Well, that's garrish

I just realized the pillow on the sofa in the Resort Vista lists the Seven Deadly Sins on it.

The red dresser is there to help you direct your "lady of the night" to your room. You push it in front of the window when you are trying to flag her down.

At first glance I thought the room might have been in the PHo Elara timeshare tower.
The carpeting is the same design that is in those rooms. Maybe this is the furnishings or look Westgate would have used used had they built the second tower.

The Suite looks like a redo of the Panoramic Suite, these are the ones in the two towers that just out in front. I thought the Mega suites had the pool tables and stuff, but they were like the Apex suites. Regardless it looks like they are trying to give Cosmo a run for their money. This is after all Caesars next flagship property after Caesars.

Definetly a rendered room for the "Resort Vista" since there is usually a column of some sort where the red dresser would be.. plus there doesn't appear to be any curvature on the wall with the windows because it does curve inward. It would be nice to see PH have a refresh though.. But as others have also mentioned, so many other Caesar's properties are in dire need of room renovations.

You would think that Caesars would refresh the rooms at Bally's and Paris before embarking on a refresh at Planet Hollywood. Then again, Planet Hollywood is slotted just below Caesars Palace in the Vegas Hierarchy for the company, so keeping it nice is more important than the lower tier properties...... Looking at the Caesars Palace site, the Roman Tower rooms do look like they have been given a refresh, as there have been periods in recent months in which there were no rooms available in that tower for a couple of months at a time.

I like it. The red dresser may be a bit much, but the overall feel is so different from what every other room in Vegas looks like now. It feels a bit like a Viceroy hotel. Unique. Scrumptious. Delicious. Kudos to Caesars for doing something new.

My friends got a discounted room at PHo a few years back (someone had a family member that worked for Starwood or something like that). It was terrible. The window was literally only about 16inches squared, overlooked HVAC hell, the "memorabilia" was some Judge Dredd props, the bathroom had that sterile beige look from a 90's Holiday Inn, with that depressing clinical overhead light. I will say the room at least seemed clean. The hallways were dark with peeling wallpaper and black paint chipping off the elevators. Other than the casino and retail areas that property was just a dump.

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