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Venetian Unveils New Sands High-Limit Slot Salon

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 11th March 2013 1:31pm
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As foreshadowed in secret documents we unearthed in early 2012, The Venetian has been slowly renovating their public areas. The renovations have swept through the restaurant lineup (!) and the casino floor, now reaching the High Limit Slot Salon... branded as the Sands High-Limit Salon™.

The Venetian's PR team sent over these photos for us to discuss, a notable a event in that it is the first time in our nine years of existence that the Venetian has sent us any PR materials, ever.

The Sands High Limit Slot Salon is located near the Q-Bert hallway, on the Strip side of the Venetian's casino... as if you can tell where the Strip is when you're inside that place. Ha!

Sands Slot Salon

They sent us three photos... one of each of three semi-private slot salons contained therein.

The first has an Italian watercolor art theme:

Sands Slot Salon

The second, a vintage New York baseball theme:

Sands Slot Salon

The third, an Asian dragon art theme:

Sands Slot Salon

This is interesting in a number of ways. Each of these salons are targeted towards one of three basic personality types - the minds (art), the bodies (sports) and the souls (asian.) While there is some overlap, each of us falls primarily into one of these three categories. Which one are you? I'm predominantly a "mind" although I do take forays into the "soul." I become a "body" when my mind and soul are depleted... very seldom.

Hosts who know their players - and at a clip of $5k/spin you know they know who is playing in here - make psychological profiles of their players based on choices and commentary. They use this to to categorize players into personality types and make decisions that provide the best conditions possible to keep players at the machines for as long as possible.

Another interesting aspect is that these microsalons can be catered specific players surface tastes and adjust the decor to that players' tastes on the fly. Another "soul" theme would be tropical locations, beaches, love, spirituality or mysticism. Body might also be themed with automobiles, buildings, mountains, landscapes. A big roller comes to town who loves old 1950's cars and Triple Double Diamond Haywire? Bam... swap out the pillows and artwork for some Detroit chrome inspired wares and an array of Triple Double Diamond Haywire and related machines for when the big roller is in town.

I wouldn't call the surroundings in the new Sands High-Limit Salon plush, but they do offer psychological comfort to the player and - via the back benches - some relaxed seating for the omni-present tagalongs.

The Venetian offers a completely different type of weaponry in its casino warfare. Instead of hoovering by inciting comfort and exhalation by blanketing surrounding players with finely filigreed beauty (a la Wynn) Venetian offers microtargeted touch points of familiarity that that create psychological comfort.

All in the name of getting you to stay in that seat, inserting cash and pressing buttons for as long as possible.

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Comments & Discussion:

I have a practical question:
If a customer is really playing $5K/spin, does she really have to feed 50 one-hundred-dollar bills into the machine for each spin or can she drop off a bankroll with her host who will count it and have credits put on the machine?
(Even if the 5K number was hyperbole, playing $100/spin would, it seems to me, to be the kind of hassle whales wouldn't want to endure!)

They print TITO vouchers.

The salons may be secluded, but they look too narrow, almost like a single wide mobile home. They don't look luxurious to me.

Is it me, or do those areas feel a tad claustrophobic from the photos? I definitely understand wanting isolation for a high roller slot player, but to me that setup wouldn't look that inviting.

Oh yeah... I'll drop 50 C-Notes into a Zeus machine for one pull... :/

I like slots for their close to video game nature but the high limit rooms I've ever been in were all of the bar-bar-cherry kind and I just don't see the point of dropping countless hundreds of dollars into them.

And speaking of video games...
"Q-Bert hallway"
Thanks - I'll never look at that hallway the same way again...

$5K/spin? Yeesh!

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