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The Mandalay Beach Club

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 6th March 2013 2:07pm
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As part of their resort wide makeover, multiple Trippies award winning pool at Mandalay Bay is adding a beach club into the mix. The new Light Group controlled venue, DAYLIGHT, clocks in at 50,000 square feet and will feature all the usual dayclub amenities - cabanas, day beds, out door showers, stripper poles, beer in cans shaped like bottles, world class disc jockeys who wear goofy hats.

Daylight DJ's

This matches with their new nightclub... called LIGHT, which I wish they had the testicular fortitude to call NIGHTLIGHT. Daylight. Nightlight. Featuring DJ Woobie, MC Binky and TED e.e. BEAR at the controls.

Daylight DJ's

DAYLIGHT opens Memorial Day weekend.

Daylight DJ's

But where?


Comments & Discussion:

It was my impression that it is not one of the pools above. Rather the other pool that had a pool party a few summers ago:


Not sure how to delete posts, here are a few more pictures in the south east corner.




ps. i didn't know you did impressions!

Yeah--I think that's the Moorea Beach Club, unless I'm mistaken.

Also, would anyone be interested in a club owned by Neil Diamond called HEARTLIGHT? I know I would.

Daylight is where the former "Landshark Lagoon" party pool was previously located, which is by the parking lot. That pool area was closed when we were out there in October (Mandalay Beach was pretty chill that day and was not too crowded at all.).

It's definitely not replacing Moorea.
I do love how Light Group names their venues, now I'm looking forward to NIGHTLIGHT.

I like that there are 2 children standing on the left side of the 2nd picture.

See the pool area with all of the red surrounding it? That's Moorea Beach Club.

The club will be oriented with the DJ booth near the NW side of the pool with 23 cabanas surrounding it. The pool will be the same size and layout that it is currently, with the entire complex roughly the same size as it is currently.

This: http://i46.tinypic.com/da244.png

^^ great rendering steve!

Also looking forward to turning on my heart light while doing some late nite skinny dipping at MOONLIGHT

when does the adults-only pool become the Fleshlight?

All they serve is BUDLIGHT.

Will there be a residency by Electric Light Orchestra??

And for the kiddies....PEDIALYTE.

Not only 2 kiddies, but Grandma between them...and a dude with a bulging Speedo, and a topless woman, and two people wearing jetski vests, and what appears to be 3 different concerts mashed together in the first pic.

Wow, these mockups kinda suck.

Will Flashlight by Cameo be played every 10 minutes there? Or One Headlight by the Wallflowers?

C'mon. That first illustration has to be another lame attempt by misnomer to ridicule the serious dance-club business. Look at how he draws the DJs as two skinny weenies with idiot-boy helmets. Misnomer, this mockery has to end!

the logo on the right hand DJ looks like the Ween logo. Push th' little daisies.

It's kind of cool in that first shot how one side of the crowd are a bunch young wild revelers and the other side are old people slow dancin'.

Sooo....Daft Punk is going to be there? I wish. Those Frenchies NEVER tour

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