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TropWatch: New Pool Suites and Alex Gets All Steve-Like

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 6th March 2013 10:25am
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We received a tip from VT reader J S that the Tropicana - which has been calling itself "The All New Tropicana" for about three years now - has completed renovation of their Pool Suites, previously known as the Garden Rooms. They are not listed on the Tropicana's website yet, but are on the DoubleTree booking engine as "1KG 2RM POOL VW STE-PLUS 19.99USD RESORT CHG."

A little digging reveals a recent photo by Twitter user @SheenaaaBell:

Trop New Suites
"Stayed @TropLV last night to "test" out new suites. I like! :-)"

Looks like putting art books in rooms is now a "thing."

In other Tropicana news, owner Alex Yemenidjian recently got all Steve Wynn like and narrated a short YouTube tour of "The Eternally New Tropicana."

I believe Alex more than I believe Steve Wynn. Charming video. Lots of clean cut, fit extras. I wonder if they fly them in from Los Angeles or if "Fake Las Vegas Casino Guest Extra" is a certifiable career in town.

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Those were always my favorite rooms...looks great! I take it they "smashed together" two standard rooms to create each one of these suites?
(Agreed...it's time to drop the "all new" phrase. Reminds me of a country radio station here in SF that called itself "The NEW 95.7 The Wolf" for at least three years...right up to the day it was "flipped" to a sports talk station!

I like. Not my taste at all, but the balcony would be the real winner. Cosmo on a budget, minus the views.

I will commend the Trop for all the work they've done the last few years on the property. Always liked coming in and playing a little bit on the tables.

If I'm forced to stay on strip though it will always be Mandalay Bay.

If the Trop had decent room rates (compared to resorts of its caliber) I would give it a shot for a night or two.

Too funny! We concepted/scripted this back in my day (well, at least some of it) :) Nice to see it finally come to fruition! Sorry to burst your career dreams... Vegas grows models in LA.

@vegasgalb so you're saying the casinos think the locals are ugly?

I'mggin it di

Haha "I'm diggin it." Stupid Kindle

I wonder if the property was ever really able to change their demographic. I know when I stayed that it still skewed 55-60+ at the property as their clientele and it made the experience feel disjointed.

I've no problem with a property trying to hype itself as young and hip, but when all you see around the property is an elderly crowd, those advertisements look sort of silly.

Put a sign on the all white buildings. Decorate it a bit!

Alex looks like he could be an exhibit in the Mob Museum.

I stayed at the Trop when it was a great place and avoided it when it became a complete dump. I'm excited to see the bright, clean, SOBE style renovation. I enjoyed playing there a few months ago and may even check in next time. I applaud them for extending the life of a Las Vegas icon. I wish this had been done at the Stardust instead of the garish red and brown Panda Express on steroids that will soon be thrust upon us.

That video was sent out to everyone who has even stayed there since the revamp around Xmas time. Damn, wish my room had art books in it the last three times I stayed there.

OOOOOOOOOhhhh They have Italian imported gym equiptment!
And at night in Bagatelle when the obnoxious young drunks fill the place up, driving away our middle aged guests it becomes....wait for it..........DoucheBagatelle!

Actually the place looks nice, the video is a little over the top in the marketing department for me. I keep waiting for Alex to tell me about the many ply TP they use in the bathrooms.

It's 2 ply

I haven't been in there lately, but I remember playin' swim-up bjack in their pool about 10-15 yrs ago . Their pool scene used to be one of the best in Vegas!

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