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MGM Gets In The Linq Business With Stadium Behind NYNY

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 1st March 2013 11:44am
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MGM Resorts International announced plans today to build a 20,000 seat indoor stadium in the parking lots behind New York New York with partner AEG. The land previously housed the CityCenter design center annex, the nerve center wherein the neighboring architectural marvel was designed and built.

The new stadium will also feature a promenade of shops, dining and entertainment offerings along the connectors to Monte Carlo and New York New York. Sound familiar?Yup... MGM is building their very own Linq-style project and doing it the same way... building over a little used connecting corridor that connects the Strip to unused square footage out back.

The release doesn't talk specifics regarding a time table, nor does it contain descriptors beyond the vague location being behind Monte Carlo and New York New York. I've spitballed a diagram below based solely on my imagination.


Will the stadium and surrounding areas be build in classic "New York" design language a la Times Square or Ebbets Field or will they opt for a modern stadium extension of the LEED certified CityCenter style. I'll guess the latter, but wish for the former. One can guess that the project might be somewhat similar to AEG's LALive, a sports arena/entertainment district adjacent to the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles.

The release only states an arena surrounded by shops. Obviously the shops promenade will connect to the Strip in some way shape or form. I'm guessing that the CityCenter preview center (once slated for a Star Wars Exhibition) will be destroyed, creating the Strip facing mouth of the NYLinq.

Access via foot from the south side of Monte Carlo and the west side of New York New York (near the theatres... creating a "mini broadway"). The CityCenter ChooChoo could easily be extended to the base of the stadium (and eventually Excalibur.)

We should probably expect some solar panel lit walkways, the occasional desert fauna, a sports, music or theatre related modern sculpture and if we're lucky at least three pocket parks.

The NYLinq has limitless possibilities for classy design and fantastic function. Hopefully MGM has learned from their CityCenter mistakes and don't repeat them.

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Comments & Discussion:

After reading that last sentence the first thing that pops in my mind is: "If at first you don't succeed; fail, fail again."

Five years back, AEG had teamed up with Caesars on a proposed 20,000 seat arena behind Bally's and Paris and that idea died on the vine and Caesars is working with a group that wants to put an arena behind Harrah's and The Quad. So more than likely, thatarena project is dead seeing as they were seeking public funds to help build it and they still cannot get support for it (They wanted to enact a sales tax on The Strip to help pay for it, but have had trouble getting that on the ballot and MGM Resorts have strongly opposed the new tax.) and MGM/AEG will get private funding for theirs.

Holy crap! Great news.

Makes me want to play around with some renderings of what this could look like.

On the one hand, surprised you didn't get the news out on this story before the MSM. On the other hand, your information and analysis above provides more news and tidbits than all of them did.

I'd love to see something that has a bit of a throwback look like American Airlines Center in Dallas. To me a retro look would blend in better with NYNY than some modern-looking structure.

@vegaspilgrim thanks!

I just can't see the need for another arena with Grand Arena holding 17k, makes no sense to me. Now building behind the strip and trying to utilize land you have behind your properties and expand the footprint of the strip, that makes sense to me.

I guess maybe AEG still believes they are going to get an NBA or NHL team, which I think is extremely unrealistic.

I'm a train geek, so that part of it excites me most of all. Extending the CCCC to this new arena, and then tying it into the Excal/Luxor/MB tram, would be awesome. A free tram running from MB all the way to Bellagio? Now that's useful. I'd even pay a buck or two to ride it.

What about access and parking? This location is going to cause terrible traffic problems. I'm really surprised they don't rebuild/expand either the MGM or MB arenas. How is MGM going to find enough acts or people to fill 3 arenas?

@parched i was thinking they would build a looping porte cochere from frank sinatra just like quad did from koval.

ufc, convention keynotes, concerts, motocross, arena residencies, sports, circuses, edm raves, rodeos, basically steal business from T&M, Sam Boyd Stadium and Pearl.

While both Grand Garden Arena and Mandalay Bay Events Center serve their purpose well, they lack amenities that more modern arenas require. Does either venue offer luxury suites? One of the knocks on the Thomas & Mack Center several years back when they hosted the NBA All Star Game was the lack of luxury suites (An amenity that even arenas in smaller cities offer in greater numbers.). Some folks would probably prefer to watch a concert or fight from a suite (or even club seats) as opposed to ringside or in the front row. There probably are plenty of folks in Las Vegas with the sort of money to purchase suites in the new arena and still leave plenty for MGM Resorts to hand out to their high rollers and whales.

^which is typical. Barely anybody covered Spiegel stepping down at the Wynn, while ChuckMonster treated us to some good analysis.

@oskee I certainly appreciate the props, but should point out that Marilyn's Presidential Obituary was written by JohnH. On behalf of him, I thank you!

Good grief, not sure they could put it in a less accessible, more inconvenient location to LVB unless they built the damn thing in Utah.

It doesn't necessarily have to have an NBA/NHL team to be successful (although I'm sure that's the intent). Sprint Center in Kansas City is plenty busy even without a major tenant. Having said that, I agree that parking and traffic on an already congested strip would be a nightmare during major events.

Kind of off-topic: Was MGM part of the concept of that sports complex that was to be built behind Mandalay Bay?

MGM had nothing to do with that boondoggle. The guy that was behind the proposed Silver State Arena on the old Wet-N-Wild site (Chris Milam) and when that project collapsed, he proposed the complex near Mandalay Bay and then that proposal shifted down by M Resort and now is tied up in some legal wrangling with the City Of Henderson.


At one point when the Las Vegas National Sports Center was slated to be built across the interstate from Mandalay Bay, the developer had a deal to purchase the Las Vegas 51s from Stevens Baseball Group LLC and that deal ended up collapsing.

Now i understand why MGM backed out of the new UNLV Stadium proposal...


this would be a great chance to bring back the themes.....maybe design the mall with a ny theme to match nyny??

Perhaps they should split the difference and go with a hybrid between Citycenter modern and NYNY Art Deco?

BEFORE someone shouts me down...
1) It keeps the art-deco influence without descending into all-out camp.
2) It provides a smooth transition between NYNY and Citycenter, so it would "tie the whole precinct together."
3) The architect who designed Aria, Cesar Pelli, is well known for doing hypermodern-with-an-art-deco-influence. Look at the Minneapolis Wells-Fargo Center, look at the Bank of America Corporate Center in Charlotte, look at IFC2 in Hong Kong (which looks like a Cyber-Goth Empire State).

I admit I'm biased since I love glass-and-steel and I'm a Cesar Pelli fanboy but it seems he'd be the right person to do it.

Anyway, the arena is accessible from multiple properties, will probably help revitalize the NYNY/MC area, and can be integrated with the Citycenter tram, so it makes a lot of sense.

Ya know what... If they build a walking bridge over the highway to the In-N-Out from there...

This could work if the stadium was able to have a steady stream of bookings. The shopping could also be a good source of revenue and would draw people to that area. And yes a walking bridge to the In-N-Out would work for me.

So they're going to build an arena across the street from their arena, up the street from their other arena, in a two with 2 other arenas (T&M and Orleans), The Collesium, the PH Music Center, the House of Blue, the Joint at Hard Rock, Cosmopolitan's big room and The Pearl and Palms.......good luck with that.

I don't know. Back in the day, I thought the whole City Center thing was a big leap even back before the housing/economy collapse...even in Vegas. Like other posts here, there seems to be a lot of other arenas to compete with...even though this arena might reflect more of a pro sports (NBA/NHL) arena with luxury boxes, etc. Who knows, nothing surprises me anymore, but we have seen some real limitations for the success of big projects in LV recently.

@weatherman2111 You really cannot fairly equate a 20,000 seat venue with any of those venues. You can somewhat equate the Thomas & Mack Center since it is within the same seating range as this new arena. The problem is that the Thomas & Mack Center is a 30 year old venue that despite renovations is not a competitive venue due to the lack of modern arena amenities. The new MGM Arena will have the suites and presumably club seating that modern sports venues require and offer touring artists and events a more flexible venue for their shows. When the MGM Grand Garden Arena hosts the annual Frozen Fury exhibition game between the Colorado Avalanche and the L.A. Kings (who happen to be owned by AEG), there are no seats behind one of the goals due to the layout of the arena.

The first thing that came to mind in terms of design would be the original Penn Station, with the glass and steel main concourse. I'm sure in the Vegas sun it would end up being akin to the Vdara Death Ray, but one can dream. But perhaps some inspiration could come from that, as a way to bridge the gap between the glassy CC aesthetic and the NYNY theme?

Most likely when this new stadium is completed and opened, they will then take the oppotunity to close/renovate the 16,800 seat MGM Grand Garden arena, and/or the 12,000 seat Mandalay Bay events center.

Given the concerts they get I would certainly equate the MGM Garden Arena, The Mandalay Arena, The Joint and The Pearl with a 20,000 seat arena as they all get shows that play those kinds of venues.

As for a sports team, the likelyhood is veyr low song long as sports gambling in only legal in Vegas. If other states succeed in getting into the action that might change though.

The chances of getting an NBA team are slim but you never know. I would bet that as a concert venue the place will be a hit and the WWE would book the place a few times a year as would UFC for some cards. This would also be a venue for comedians who know they could sell out the place. Once open it is logical that Mandalay Bay would lose their arena since it would be smaller; MGM Garden would likely remain open.

The chances of Vegas getting an NBA team pretty much died the moment the Maloofs announced the sale of the Kings to a group planning on moving them to Seattle (of course that deal is not finalized, as there are some folks trying to pitch a local bid to buy the team and keep it in Sacramento). The NBA isn't going to be expanding anytime soon and there's not many likely teams that are targets for sale and relocation (The New Orleans Hornets/Pelicans were sold to the owner of the Saints, so that scratches them from consideration.). Some have speculated that the L.A. Clippers may look to bolt in order to get out of the shadow of the Lakers and Vegas has been mentioned (Although Vegas is definitely a Lakers town when it comes to the L.A. basketball teams.).

As for an NHL team, I don't see it happening even if the NHL were to expand to 32 teams. There are a few teams that are likely candidates for relocation, but likely to Canadian markets like Quebec City and the Greater Toronto Area. Plus there are much larger markets in the US without NHL teams that they would consider ahead of Vegas. Seattle and Houston are more likely to have NHL teams (either via expansion or relocation) before Las Vegas. Having a team in the AHL may be more likely, as I could see the Flames moving their AHL team a bit closer to the rest of the league to cut down on travel costs (Their AHL team is in Abbotsford, B.C. and the nearest AHL team is nearly 1600 miles away.). Of course the downside of that would mean that the Wranglers might be forced to move or fold, as there may not be enough support for two minor league hockey teams in Vegas.

So many arenas.

"So they're going to build an arena across the street from their arena, up the street from their other arena, in a two with 2 other arenas (T&M and Orleans), The Collesium, the PH Music Center, the House of Blue, the Joint at Hard Rock, Cosmopolitan's big room and The Pearl and Palms.......good luck with that."

I agree. There may be a market for an arena of this size....but they may be hurting themselves here instead of doing some good.

Can they destroy Diablos while they are at it? And this will create a traffic nightmare for both the roads and freeways. Events will be in the evenings, the high point of traffic.

Vespa, most of those cities you listed are cities the NHL only would want to go to via expansion, since they can collect a large expansion fee. They aren't interested in letting a team into the Toronto suburbs without a hefty expansion fee, and furthermore the Leafs will be breathing down Bettman's back because they don't want to lose their monopoly, either.

Cities like Vegas make more sense for relocation because they are largely untested and generally unwanted. You want to move to a city where a large amount of the populace is already familiar with NHL hockey, even if they have to drive a bit to get to it, the NHL will want that fee and the nearby team will do what they can to obstruct.

My dream scenario is this arena becomes a catalyst to cleaning up the area around Tropicana & the 15. A well lit pedestrian bridge, knock down Golden Palms in favor of a parking/shuttle hub with entertainment options, and maybe, just maybe, the Fertitta's finally decide to build Viva on the WWW site.

Most likely? Permatraffic, hookers & crack heads become even more brazen, Golden Palms reopens as-is and starts renting rooms in 15 minute increments, In-N-Out wait times stretch to 2 hours after UFC fights.

Unless NJ blows the sport's gambling market open there's not much of a chance that any major league sport will want to be that close to legalized gambling on their product.

Also, Abbotsford just built a new arena, so the Heat aren't moving anytime soon.

St Louis, Columbus, and Phoenix are likely tragets for NHL relocation in a few years...and how much money is bet on Hockey in Las Vegas to begin with? Just prohibit hockey wagering..problem solved..

This would be the sort of place where you could host The Academy Awards,VMAs, and all sorts of other stuff, and give MGM the chance to rennovate the Grand Garden Arena at some point..

Remember that in Las Vegas, on any given night, there are something 60 or 70 shows going on from 8 till midnight or so...artists and producers know what they're getting into, and they'll market accordingly..

This could be the building where you park the Stones, Britney, Metallica for a week or two at a time..it could work...

Meanwhile, the ban on betting NBA games at The Palms can be lifted once the Kings are sold to somebody

St. Louis? ummmm........Florida is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy more likely to move than St. Louis.

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