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Introducing The New Suites At Bellagio

By JohnH on Thursday, 28th February 2013 11:46am
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File these beauties under the "Still Wish Steve Owned the Place" and "Yowza" folders. Following a year-long, top to bottom renovation of Bellagio's standard room product, MGM's pattern-happy, psychedelic green and blue-loving design teams have set their sights on that property's suite offerings. Thanks to the good folks over at the Travel Channel-owned hotel documenting site Oyster, you can see the results for yourselves; it's almost like you're there in person.

And, boy, are these Salone Suite, for example. Gone are the tasteful, soothing taupes that pervaded the previous generation's offerings and in their places are an over the top faux French boudoir headboard, a couple of knock off Orla Kiely throw pillows, and just the worst patterned wallpaper one might ever encounter. Alright, drop a ton of acid and that last one might become a little more acceptable.

The only saving grace with the renovation, though, seems to come in the form the new Bellagio Suite. Restrained, tasteful, and yet containing a certain childish, playful pattern profile, this offering contains just the right amount of Bellagio's inherent elegance.

But don't even get me started on the renovated Penthouse Suite. As one of the property's highest echelons of consumer-bookable room offerings, a certain amount of care and attention should have been put into bringing these suites back to their Roger Thomas green gingham glory days. Instead, it looks like MGM's designers doubled down on some of the worst chocolate brown aspects of the room - as illustrated in Blackjacker1979's review from a few years ago - while bringing a certain Mirage suite flair to the mix. It's insouciant, perfunctory, and unbecoming of one of the city's most lasting expressions of luxury. Oh, and it's overpriced.

All of that being said, though, these suites are still more attractive than the Souvlaki Palace.

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Comments & Discussion:

I'm pretty shocked Bellagio is using what appears to be a direct knock off of an original Orla Kiely pattern. She's like the queen of pattern design and they couldn't spring for the official deal? Like... c'mon. "That's not a real poncho, that's a Sears poncho."

Obviously, these patterns aren't complimentary, which is fine, but their collective dissonance doesn't create a language... it creates an undercurrent of discomfort as opposed to luxurious relaxation. If their design premise is to keep guests from spending time relaxing in their room, they've succeeded.

I stayed in a Salone Suite in December and quickly decided that it was one of my favorite spaces in Vegas....I love how, due to two walls of windows, you never feel too far removed from the energy of the Strip. Our suite was dimly (sexily!) lit with textured, chocolate-colored wallpaper and felt more like a luxurious high-rise apartment than a hotel room.

This new cacophony of clashing textures and colors is nothing less than horrifying. I could never, ever feel relaxed while staying in The Willy Wonka Presents Bellagio's Technicolor Dream Suite.

I hope this looks better in person.

Bellagio...by Target.

My wife and I did a better job decorating our new house, and some of our stuff IS from Target. If someone doesn't have an "eye" for what looks "good" in interior design, no amount of money on finishes and decor will help it. Everything from the hallways with all the clashing patterns, to the room renovations of last year - to these. NOTHING looks planned out or is cohesive, and just about anybody in the design world would probably agree. It doesn't look as tacky as Cosmo's offerings, but not what one would expect from the word Bellagio.

Chuck, do you think this means that the casino will be next to be "re-imagined" after they complete the Mirage and Mandalay Bay casino redos? I shudder to think what they might do to the casino floor, maybe park a nightclub next to the conservatory or IN the conservatory. Call it Eden and you have your Surrender competition, with that pool complex ready to be transformed into the Bellagio Beach Club.

@steve expect the worst and it will most likely happen.

looks like the b is on a roll on trip advisor....the ppl seem to like it


That Salone Suite is the worst of the bunch... it looks like something we could have expected from that massive overhaul of Circus Circus/City Center North that will never happen. This has to be the worst room redesign in the history of the strip.

The penthouse isn't bad, but it's nothing near what it was. My wife and I looked into the penthouse suites when we were planning our wedding and was probably 3rd on our list behind Cosmo's Wraparound and Encore Tower Suites. It actually held up better design wise than some of the rooms and suites at Wynn.

This is really one hotel that should have an independent owner... I'd even be for MGM leasing it out to an upscale hotel chain at this point.


I like these.

The Salone Suite's bedroom is a bit off-putting, mostly due to the choice in carpet pattern. However, the bathroom is a big win.

The Bellagio Suite, again, the bedroom feels a bit too haphazard. However the living room space is very pretty.

The Penthouse, well, the ones in Spa Tower still look nicer. However, it beats the Land Of Lavender And Minty Green that existed in the original suites.

It looks like the Palazzo and Cosmo hybridized, although the Bellagio Suite looks like the Four Seasons post-renovation.

I actually like "MGM Moderne" but I think that perhaps a bit less Cosmo-Campy-Eccentricity should've been used. A little bit more restraint would've been better, generally speaking.

That said, the renovations were sorely needed.

Let's hope they don't change the casino too much.

I got to stay in the old penthouse last fall... glad I did...

The furniture was old, to be sure, but there was still a certain amount of class to it... This... looks like neo-70's style...

Although the bathrooms look a little nicer...

Maybe the point is to scare people out of the hotel rooms and back onto the casino floor?

Just saw the Salone Suite photos.


A horror show. An absolute horror show. It looks like the Cosmo got raped by Marie Antionette.

The Bellagio Suite isn't bad, although a bit too childlike for my taste.

The Penthouse Suite, well it isn't perfect but I don't mind it too much at all. Sure, the jagged carpet pattern in the bedroom doesn't work but at least its a subtle pattern. Otherwise I don't think it is an atrocity.

Ahh well, at least Aria is nicely restrained.

I think it overall looks ok, except for thsoe couches. Why such off-puttign shades of green? The blue ones are ok, but that green? Wowzers.

Maybe I'm just gettin' old but I don't like all this "classy" (too feminine for my taste, though there's nothing wrong with that!) room decor . I wish we could have a set of garish, extra- neon rooms designed just for gamblers like the ones the Peppermill in Reno has. I'm in Vegas to gamble, drink and chase strippers. If I get a comfortable bed and a nice shower, I'm satisfied. I used to stay at the Stardust all the time just because of the GREAT water-pressure they had in the shower. It felt like you were standing under Niagara Falls!

Bellagio Suite is by far the best of the three. Salone is not so great, primarily due to the gaudy headboard and wallpaper treatment. If it looks this bad now, I can only imagine how dated it will be in three years.

The greens in the Penthouse Suite are way too vibrant for me, although with St. Patrick's coming up, it is festive.

That wallpaper and carpet combo would really spruce up my old El Camino.

"Bellagio.....by Target"
Blackjacker, I thought the same thing immediately.

UFB. Every person I know that has hacked around with interior design could have done a better job of this.

How many times have these suites been redone?? I've found some pretty damned tacky photos of these rooms from the early 00's. Looks like a nursing home!

WTF if they still have a guy passed out in our room and give us the Bellagio Suite; fuck the interior!

I've rarely commented on these decorations cuz I'm not sufficiently into interior design to be able to critique them -- but I gotta say that Salone Suite is pukey. A cross between a cheap Parisian brothel (and if you've seen them you know what I mean) and a Comfort Inn. Nothing about that suite makes me want to go stay there.

I like the Bellagio suite, and I don't find the Penthouse suite offensive.

As a regular in the Bellagio Penthouse, I will now have to find a new home. It looks like a leprechaun puked on everything.

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