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Misnomer's Stone-Faced Nightlife Calendar

By Misnomer on Friday, 22nd February 2013 12:34pm
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You spoke. We listened. You demanded nightlife information without the poor attempts at humor. We've delivered. Presenting Misnomer's Stone-faced Nightlife Calendar, a dispassionate schedule of nightlife happenings in Las Vegas. We intend to make this a regular feature until such time as we attain legitimate media credibility. Enjoy.

Misnomer's Stone Faced Nightlife Calendar

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Comments & Discussion:

No Olmec faces? Racist.

Quite useful...thank you very much!

LA Riots can be pretty heavy, good stuff.

Rock on!

Wow, you guys continue to entirely miss the point. It's not about gobbling up nightlife PR puff like a 350lbs customer at Heart Attack Grill, its about acknowledging the legitimacy of the business and the important role night/daylife plays in the viability of the city.


↑ And yet another person who seems to not get the joke........

C'mon, John. Be a Mexi-CAN, not a Mexi-CAN''T!

Ted Newkirk is back among us!

From what I see, two VT readers - quite possibly one person posting under different names - criticized VT's negative opinion of the douche bag scene. Chuck, please don't let one or two people pervert the spirit of the blog. While the DBs bring some money to Vegas, the amounts still pale in comparison to casino revenues (everywhere except Cosmo). They partially filled the revenue craters created by the recession, and for that we thank them, but they are still DBs and most of your readers enjoy seeing you give them the misnomer treatment.

5:1 says Super Vegas is Nick Hissom.

@fish I'm used to being harassed by folks who think they know what is better for this website than I do. VT is going to celebrate 9 years of calling it like we see it in march. i don't foresee that ever changing until the day I change hobbies or croak. You can take that to the bank.

Will there be a VT 10th birthday party next year??


@Vespa Yeah, you're right, I just don't get the super, rib-tickling, hilarious joke. He said stone face then used statue heads! OMG!! Someone dig up Lenny Bruce and see if this was his!!! Someone get Misnomer a stand-up gig!!!! Call America's Got Talent!!!! Oh wait, its actually not funny at all. My mistake.

@Fish I'll see your Hissom and raise you an Unwin.

Someone still doesn't get it...

↑ I believe you're right.

I too was thinking along the lines of what thefish2010 was thinking, but after last week's run-in with one of Misnomer's few (public) detractors, I decided to cut back in engaging in battles of wit with obviously unarmed people.

My own thought is that SuperVegas is that douchebag from Wynn that wished death on Misnomer on Twitter during the weekend of #VIMFP, Dave something something.....

Damn, can't believe I missed the original discussion. I always love piling on Misnomer, he's a dick. ;)

To the whole discussion about whether the VT crowd is too down on club scene, or any other topic. The answer is probably, but who cares. If you've been around long enough, you'll see that all the writers/posters have their own preferences. It's not hard to tell that this community isn't really the night club demographic (not many of the Vegas internet communities are, it's just funnier when they make fun of it here).

I do love the posts that constantly bitch about Misnomer's articles appearing in the standard news feed, by all means go read something like Vegas chatter for all of your sterile news needs. Most of the crowd here has been down that path already and is very familiar with all the standard 'news'. Think of our Vegas addiction like Heroin addiction, we really are just looking for a bigger, more interesting high, and that's why we come here to VT.

All I have to say is LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE!!!

@Vespa I have no idea who you are referring too but no, thats not me. And I get the joke, i just don't find it all that funny.

Just for the record, I don't dislike Misnomer or think that VT does a bad job however continually bashing on an industry that helped save this city over recent years just seems totally ignorant. The days of casino revenue being the cow-bell are long over and forget media acceptance, how about strive to do a better job covering that business segment for the sake and pride of putting out a better product?

Its easy to bash the douchebaggery of the business but how about looking at why ie. SHe closed after less than two months and why Landry's provided the shortest leash in the history of JVs in their first nightclub venture? Thats an example of a nightclub topic that mixed with VT's usual brand of snooping, tips and insight would be considered (at least to me) interesting coverage.

Instead we get: F* everyone, this isn't what we do, here are two tweets reprinted in the media machine we rail against and this guy doesn't get the joke. Sorry VT readers but I think the jokes on you when one of the best breaking news sites in town gets praised for piss poor coverage and an even worse sense of humor.


Well. It's a known fact that scornful scalawaggery is a "gateway satire" that only leads to more pernicious forms of iconoclastic commentary. Misnomer's friends should hold an intervention before his addiction to witless buffoonery consumes his life and tears the VT family apart. I for one will no longer enable this behavior.

Sorry Drake, I rather keep being an enabler to Misnomer..... ;)


also... @drake +15

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