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Misnomer Is A Scornful Scalawag and Must Be Stopped At Any Cost Of Blood or Treasure!

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 22nd February 2013 12:16pm
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Last Friday, Misnomer's post Guide To Understanding DJ Rosters incited a fascinating discussion which weighed merit of his contributions to the VegasTripping's oeuvre and how posts like his - which deflates the nightlife hype machine with laser guided accuracy under a shroud of witless satire - are a detriment to VT ever being accepted as being on par with the mainstream media.

To this end, I'm incredibly proud to squelch such buffoonery, not by stringing together a few sentences of appreciation and love for his particular brand of craftiness, but by presenting to you endorsements he's received from Las Vegas' Main Stream Media itself.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, Exhibit A... the Las Vegas Review Journal. Some would call it the largest newspaper in the state of Nevada. We call it the home of Norm! and Howie Stutz. They call Misnomer (@misnoper on Twitter) their Tweet of the Week.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, Exhibit B... the Vegas Seven. They named VT the best blog in Las Vegas in 2012. This week (and nearly every week) they give Misnomer (again @misnoper on Twitter) a paragraphs worth of tweets - five of em - to zip up their crowd sourced cover story.

Congratulations Misnom(p)er, you make us proud.

Thank you @dribbleglass for the tweet tip Vegas Seven pic.

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Comments & Discussion:

Misnomer needs to change his Twitter bio to "Internet wiseacre."

Let's not forget that he's also been blocked on Twitter by Mr. Exclusive himself, Robin Leach. Sounds like Mr. Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams is intimidated by Misnomer and out of sheer jealousy, blocked him on Twitter. When you irk Robin Leach enough for him to block you on Twitter, you've arrived....

One of my two original points was Misnomer's work shouldn't appear right below legitimate news stories.

Give him his own RSS feed and spot on the front page. Maybe even shoutout in the proper news feed saying there is new Misnomer work, but not a link to the actual work.

Glad reader constructive criticism is welcome here and listened too.....

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