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Marilyn Winn Spiegel, Third President of Wynn Las Vegas, Leaves

By JohnH on Thursday, 21st February 2013 11:34pm
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Nearly two years to the day since she ascended to the mohair decked halls of Steve Wynn's eponymous resort, Marilyn Winn Spiegel, in a surprise move, has been removed and/or stepped away from her duties at the resort in order to work on "special development projects" for Wynn Resorts.

Mrs. Spiegel was hired away from Caesars Entertainment where she oversaw the hallmarks of luxury known as Planet Hollywood, Paris Las Vegas, and Bally's, after the ouster of longtime Wynn president and family member, Andrew Pascal. Her arrival instantly stirred a hive of conjecture concerning Steve Wynn's business focus by hiring a known cost focused, corner cutting bean counter to run an internationally renowned Forbes Five Star resort.

Shortly into her tenure, she made waves by declaring that haute cuisine and fine dining had died in American culture and promptly closed the resort's Michelin two-star fine dining establishment, Alex. The restaurant was once planned to house the Wynn | Encore complex's fourth nightclub, Climaxxxx!, but remains closed to this day; save for an occasional wedding or special event.

Within two months, Spiegel embarked on a thorough housecleaning of the resort's executive suites and rank-and-file employees that resulted in a series of resignations and departures from all departments of the enterprise. Nearly the entire coterie of executives that had developed and brought Steve Wynn's vision of a luxury resort to fruition had departed the resort or had been asked to resign; bringing about, in no small part, a collapse of the resort's previously well-tuned technology, social media and PR outreach machines. As well, previously delineated call centers for reservations were culled into a single operation in order to better utilize worker productivity and, as she put it, eliminate "siloing."

Service standards quickly suffered during Mrs. Spiegel's tenure. Nightly turn down service evolved from an included amenity to a request-only service and was eventually fully eliminated from the hotel's Resort Tower amenities. Front desk services for the Tower Suites guests were jettisoned and directed to the hotel's central Resort Tower front desk. This reduction of services came with a 25% increase in the property's resort fee.

Ms. Spiegel's tenure was also marked by a failed redesign of the Wynn Las Vegas website, the introduction of Wynn Social, a substantial increase in the resort's financial performance, and the loss of the resort's previously coveted and oft-promoted AAA Five Diamond Award.

Little is known of Mrs. Spiegel's plans as she departs the halls of Wynn Las Vegas, but it is being reported that she will be succeeded by longtime Wynn acolyte and former Golden Nugget president, Maurice Wooden.


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Well it seems to me you ran hotels like a candle in the wind
That was burning up at both ends would soon be wick
Sky Suites took the diamonds, Cosmo the nightclub biz
Your website eventually improved
Your restaurants never did

Well done, sir!
That comment is most likely going to be the highlight of my day...think I'll head back to bed.

Great news to start my day. Heck, maybe she had to fire herself to cut more costs.

Caesars could learn a lesson from her.....oh wait I think they just did!

Urinal pads, please.

what took so long...

Bring back Alex!

What the fuck is "siloing"?

More details... Marilyn is going to work on international development projects with Gamal Aziz. Maurice Wooden becomes WLV president and Tim Poster moved up to COO. This is great news.

siloing is where one person just knows how to do one thing and one thing only. the trend in management consultancy is to "cross-train" personnel so that nobody is indispensable,

I sure hope they bring back fine dining. My biggest regret in life is that I never got to try Alex.

@Chuckmonster, hope you give us more details on Wynn management. I need a refresher. Will this be a real job for Marilyn or just a temporary one while they work out her separation? I didn't know Tim Poster was back with Wynn. What will all this mean for Wynncore?

And nice job scooping everyone! Not seeing this reported anywhere else yet.

I think Marilyn is working with Gamal Aziz now... she's 'off the floor.' I don't think Tim left. Tom left. Tim stayed. Basically, Wynn is getting new day to day management... Maurice will be Wynncore President and Poster is the COO. Andrew Pascal did both of those jobs previously. I'm hopeful that this means Steve's lost weekend marveling at Andrea's ass is over and he's ready to get back to work.

@Chuckmonster if Maurice is really her replacement, then it sounds like Steve is ready to get back to work. A friend of mine knows Maurice from their days together at the Golden Nugget, and he's always had positive things to say about him and his management style. Hopefully this marks a turning point at Wynncore for the better!

So Steve finally woke up one day and asked... Hey... where's the stars on my resort?

Wow....I'm actually listen to Elton John right now. Freaky...

Hopefully this will be the start of good things for Wynncore.

I think Marilyn's reign was always intended to be of the short-term variety. In a down economy she was brought in to slash costs, trim the fat and bring more down to the bottom without regard for long standing relationships. With that in mind, doesn't her time at the big desk have to be considered a success? Although, as is well-pointed out, the PR/brand side did take a serious beating while manned by a previously all Caesars Entertainment team. And sorry Misnomer, the commitment to night/daylife probably isn't going away.

"And sorry Misnomer, the commitment to night/daylife probably isn't going away."

It appears that the joke has gone over your head (as it has obviously done so with a few others who post here) as the majority of his articles here are not to be taken seriously as they are satire and parody.

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