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Caesars Entertainment Adding Resort Fees

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 20th February 2013 5:11pm
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According to Vegas.com, Caesars Entertainment has turned their back on their promise to never charge resort fees.

The article claims that Caesars will begin charging fees on rooms booked after March 1st. A cursory check of Caesars Palace and Paris Las Vegas booking engines for post 3/1 dates reveals no such fee, but there is a "fee" placeholder in the price breakdown.

Caesars Resort Fees

Caesars' "No Resort Fees" website - once located at http://www.caesars.com/vegasnoresortfees/ has been hosed and so has the Caesars No Resort Fees Facebook joint.

We leave you with words from the Borg itself, as spoken by their official blog Pulse of Vegas in their post Las Vegas Resort Fees: A Cautionary Tale.

NeverJustJ reminds us in the comments of the "Angry Showgirls":


Former Borg member JayFenster reminds us of this little ditty too:


Comments & Discussion:

Hey you wanted them to fix the Paris balloon didn't you?

Now there is no excuse for roaches in your hotel room.

The "Angry Showgirls" videos are still on Youtube...as of about 345pm (pacific) today!

That'll just about double the cost of a room at The Quad.

Can we stop the self-righteousness over resort fees now? In the real world, the room costs what it costs. You can either pay it in room rate, where Clark County throws a big tax on top of it, or in resort fees, which is not subject to room tax.
Let me say it slower, for the benefit of people who can't understand
The party getting screwed here is the Clark County taxpayer, not me. Since I couldn't give two shits about the Clark County taxpayer, though, I'll pay my resort fee and not complain about it.

HedgedBettor, I'll use your method:


A "comped" room should be exactly that, a total cost of $0.00 per day. MGM has been inconsistent when it comes to charging resort fees on comped or "promo" rooms (think MyVegas comps). Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Somethimes they take them off if you ask and/or complain and/or bitch.

It will be interesting to see what CET does with resort fees and comped rooms. As you say, if the total cost is equal or lower, I don't care what they call them. Call them a "we painted the damn balloon, so shut up Internet" fee for all I care. But if I have a comped room, I want it comped. Period.

Well then. Looks like I'll be headed over to the MGM properties where the places are better and the rates (with the fees) are more competitive. If you guys get hold of a fee list for CET, I'll love to see that as a breaking exclusive cough leaked cough post. Someone might need to get this cough checked out.. ;)

^^ Caesars $25, Paris $20, Planet Hollywood $20, Rio $18, Flamingo $18, Ballys $15, Harrah's $15, Quad $10


Ooh, I'm glad my allcaps got things flamier around here! Keeps people on their toes.
Two thoughts on comped rooms and resort fees:
1) The vast majority of Vegas guests aren't on comped rooms, so I'd say net visitors as a whole are beneficiaries of resort fees (with local government being the loser)
2) My experience has been that I get my resort fees comped when I play at Aria. The only thing a host can't wipe off your bill if you play enough are tips.

^ effective use of the words "wipe" and "tips" in the same sentence +10pts.

Guess Taylor Hicks needed a raise.

Soon as I read this jumped on phone to check reservations for March and July. Was told multiple times by the jackwagon that answered the line that "theres 0 truth to the rumors" And if there was "HE" would know about it. Because of course the bottom rung is 1st to know? Just sharing and hoping alls well with you all.

I guess they can start renovating their rooms now so that they aren't a tinderbox deathtrap the next time there is a hotel fire.

See what you guys did for wanting to paint the balloob? No more bright ideas, okay?

Heh, the very first thing I thought of was the Paris balloon.

I'm not surprised, but it's still disappointing. Downtown keeps looking better.

Resort Fee. No REsort Fee. I don't really care. HOWEVER, I will be printing out copies of that blog post and mailing it to various Caesars executives and managers just to call them out on their own bullshit. I'm not expecting a Maker's Mark type customer coup but they should be made aware we pay attention.

The problem there, of course, is only 10% of us actually do pay attention.

HedgedBettor, with all due respect, your all-caps declaration about Resort Fees reducing out-of-pocket cost to the hotel guest is completely, 100% wrong.

Resort Fees are taxed exactly the same as room rates, at the exact same 12%. This is required by law for any and all mandatory fees associated with the rental of a hotel room, as per Clark County Code 4.08.005 (16) (a) (i)

Clark County Code

Clark County Department of Business License - General Information Guide For Transient Lodging Establishments

If your room rate is $200 flat with no resort fee, your out-of-pocket is $224. If your room rate is $175 + $25 Resort Fee, your out-of-pocket is $224. It makes no difference to the guest, the hotel, or to Clark County how it's divided up.

Looks like my links didn't work...



I am amazed that it took then this long to join the reat of the hotels on the Strip. We all get annoyed by resort fees but seems like it's the price of wanting to go to Vegas.

It's BS, but whatcha gonna do. Forewarned is forearmed. There will still be plenty of bargains for the Sun-Thurs traveler with a flexible schedule.

Don't know if it is coming or not, but the "placeholder" has been there for years and is not new. It shows on reservations as far back as July 2010. The "placeholder" may have been used long before that, but July 2010 is the oldest reservation that I have saved.

Hope they do charge resort fees so it will be easier to compare prices. Currently prices for what will be covered under the fee are not posted on thier respective hotel's websites and you have to use a search engine on the TR site to find the costs they plan to nickle and dime you with.

Never stay at CET properties and now I have even less incentive to try them out.

If the resort fees go toward them doing some much-needed up-keep on their properties, I'm all for it. It's one of the main reasons I stay at MGM properties currently.

The link to the blog at vegas.com is dead. There is no mention of the fees on vegas.com's main page either. The story seems to have disappeared at the source.

Hers's a link to vegas.coms resort fees page, http://www.vegas.com/incl/resortfees.html
We have rooms booked / comped for May, but according to vegas.com the fees are only for
bookings made after March 1st, although whats included in the fees are just cr@p.

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