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Cosmopolitan's Curious Catchwords

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 20th February 2013 2:25pm
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Yesterday, my lovely wife got this email from Cosmopolitan.


In Cosmospeak "complementary dining experience at Wicked Spoon" is how you say, "Free Buffet" in English. How curious.

It is also curious, how they substitute the obvious "gamble" or "play" with "game" in the "You game... You win" statement. To my ears, that little catchphrase is so overly curiousitized that it sounds like it was written by a caveman.

Evolution is pretty bitchin.

You game... You win.
You play... you win.
You game? You win.
You play. You win. You game?

I'm infinitely curious what you think. After all, we are the target demographic... people who go to the Cosmopolitan and spend money.

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Comments & Discussion:

Using game as a verb is interesting... I would say they are trying to reach a younger audience who may identify with "gaming" like game systems.

You play...to win...the game. You don't play to just play.


Time to play the game.....


I read that as cheating. In my mind I hear "Gaming the system".

I'm not a fan of the way "gaming" has supplanted gambling in general. Gaming sounds childish and exactly like you're dancing around what it really is.

Does that mean:If I earn 800 pts./day, I can just walk over to the buffett and eat my resort fee????

Well I now know where I will be spending my time when I get back to Vegas. Then before I leave I will need to get a whole new wardrobe since my clothes won't fit anymore.

I don't like that Cosmo uses complimentary so freely and regularly in their emails when in reality they are talking about something you earn directly through a promotion. (Although locally I see CET doing this more and more too)

It probably wouldn't bother me if they called it 'free' although that's not really true either.

The You Game, You win line is hilarious, I wonder if a savvy gambler/lawyer could make something out of that with no disclaimer posted in the note. Typically I'm not a fan of beating up companies for their marketing language, common sense is common sense after all. Maybe I'm just used to the corporate legal small print, stating that there is no guarantee of winning, which was probably at the bottom of the email anyway.

I've always just viewed "game" as a amoral substitute for "gambling." I find I use it around those who still carry a stigma to "gambling." It's somewhat antidotal, but I've heard it more often in jurisdictions that have only tribal gaming.

I used to work for one of the largest PR firms (now I work for another one...) and one of our clients was the Potawatomi casino up in Milwaukee. They preferrred we never say "gambling" or "gamblers." instead, it was "gaming" and "gamers." So Cosmo's wording is unfortunately pretty common. Just a way to make it more "positive" and not alienate people who don't like to gamble. Because gambling is dangerous (sarcasm). Gaming, on the other hand, is fun. At least that's the idea from the suits.

they also cut their resort credit in half. when i went in november they were offering $150 resort credit for a 3 night stay. now its $75 for a 2 night.

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