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The Quad: The Sign

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 20th February 2013 12:11pm
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The Quad's new signage is now up on the building and lit at night.

The Quad Signage

My observations: 1) They stole Cosmopolitan's font 2) It is a damn shame they didn't paint that dingy ass building 3) looks like the blue neon piping isn't going anywhere soon

Photo courtesy @jeffcivilico.

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Comments & Discussion:

The letter "Q" just looks odd to me.

Not loving it..

The sign looks good except for the building they've put it on. Plus it's gotta suck for those folks whose rooms are on the floors the sign covers.

Did they even take a high pressure hose to the building before hanging that sign? It's sad if you can tell, in a night shot posted in fairly low-resolution on a website, that a building is dirty.

Vespajet...I don't know...the rooms behind the E and the "tail" of the Q are probably screwed, but I'd kind of like to have that room right in the center of the D!

I'm really surprised they didn't do any facade updating.

"Quad, start the reactor!"

Yeah, but with the Cosmo font, the blue piping can look just like those blue light dashes on the Cosmo building. AND when the piping sections burn out they will look even more like Cosmo sections.

Art deco font on an Asian-inspired building. Guess there's no place for consistent theming in Vegas anymore.

This is Photoshopped, right?

Isn't there a plan to update the facade later this year? I head they were doing the buildings in stages, with the Strip-adjacent one first. Thought I read it somewhere.

Maybe they have a hard on for blue piping? Couldn't they have cleaned the walls first though?

Vespajet is right on the money - waiting for the inevitable story of the "Hangover" recreator who attempts to climb onto the letters...

Have to agree that it would have been nice for them to paint the building, in absence of that and leaving the neon blue, why not at least make it neon blue for the sign.

Surprised they didnt powerwash, clean or do anything? Look at everything they buy. They do virtually nothing. Examples- Rio, Pho, Paris, Ballys. . .

They did paint the balconies behind the lettering gray. Not that it's a major upgrade, but it's something at least.

As far as the rooms behind the letters... The worst room would be in between the U and the A at the bottom. Behind the E probably sucks too. Other than that it doesn't look like it'd be too terrible.

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