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Exclusive: MGM To Drop CityCenter Name

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 19th February 2013 9:51pm
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CityCenter Logo

At a meeting of employees today, Bobby Baldwin, CEO of CityCenter, announced that the name CityCenter is now depreciated and will be completely phased out over the coming year. Mr. Baldwin did not say whether a replacement name was planned.

It is unclear if the dissolution of the CityCenter name implies that the partnership between MGM Resorts International and Infinity World as CityCenter Land LLC is dissolving as well. Additionally, there is no replacement name planned.

With CityCenter Land LLC offloading 472 unsold CityCenter real estate units to LVT Owner LLC in December, there is no need for CCL LLC to continue using the CityCenter real estate brand.

CityCenter's 'city within a city' concept was brought to fruition by then COO Jim Murren. As the project neared completion, the real estate market collapsed and took with it CityCenter's financing, hopes and dreams. With almost zero residential occupancy, CityCenter was never able to find its footing as a live-work-play urban core as designed.

That's what happens when you build a casino on an ancient Native American burial ground. Or was that Aladdin? Or Sahara?

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Comments & Discussion:

Good ferreting, Chuck!! Have to agree with MGM...for the last 5 years, CityCenter=Albatross!!
Along with solving The Harmon situation, might be a sign of rebounding after such a dreadful last decade.

City Center always worked better as a concept than a destination. The name didn't make sense since the hotels were not in the center of the city or the Strip.

Wasted valuable land and buildings on worthless condos.

Not really surprising when you consider the stigma attached to the name of Murren's folly. I still believe that CityCenter is a perfect example of why Jimbo's way of thinking is all wrong for MGM and Vegas in general.

I think it's a shame that the ideas behind CityCenter didn't work out in practice. Macroscale I think they had it right, but the details weren't right in the end. Hopefully they can get it together and make something really worthwhile out of the mess.

They should have listened to me . I said over and over "City Center" was a terribad name.

Aria is the only name important to them now in CityCenter. Thus, it will be renamed Aria, Aria Resort or Aria Place.

I'm glad they are dropping the name. The messaging was too clouded for the casual Vegas visitor. "Ok, so this is Aria, but what are those slanty buildings?"

Murren could still redeem himself if he can steal The Cosmo from DB and complete CCenter.

all I can say is wow and I will miss the City Center name.

I do love the corporate mentality. Murren/MGM will continue to blame the downturn in the economy on the failure to 'reinvent' the strip. The fact is, his vision wasn't ever going to be a city on the strip. In the end it was a bunch of hyped condos and a large resort casino. Nothing new or earth shattering, just more of the same we've had on the strip marketed in a different way.

Perhaps now, they'll start marketing the property as it should be: Hey come check out our modern, newer resort/casino and if you like it a lot, we have condos you can purchase as well.

I'm also holding out hope for a large drink stand in Crystals, what was MGM thinking letting RockBar go to Venetian, it would have been a perfect fit, what Crystals needs is more 180oz frozen daiquiri guitars!!

The story gets better:

According to the LVSun, MGM is looking to unload the properties surrounding Aria.

I'm guessing Veer, Crystals and Mandarin will be sold off with the Harmon rebuilt as a new entrance to Aria. MGM will keep Aria, Vdara and Bellagio. Vdara will essentially become an extension of Bellagio and lose it's Vdara branding. If they're willing to lose CityCenter properties, I could see Monte Carlo being sold off as well. Light Group? Wynn? RUFFIN?

I don't see Wynn having any interest in something this far south. He likes his properties to stay together so that his customers never have to leave and all of their spending flows back to him.

Crystals is probably likely to be sold to Simon Properties, who owns the Forum Shops and the two Premium Outlets locations. General Growth probably not so much, as they have Fashion Show Mall and the Shoppes at Palazzo and the Grand Canal Shoppes at Venetian.

Maybe they can use this a valid excuse for why the entire complex is so poorly laid out and disjointed.

Actually that makes for a good point... If they sell Crystals, they lose control to the main access point to Aria from the strip. (not counting the monorail from Bellagio to Monte Carlo) No one can figure out how to get to the property otherwise unless they're staying there anyway (and the new super giant Aria sign right in front of Crystals isn't going to alleviate the confusion either...)

Ahh.. the poor poor Veerians...

^^^ right on the money.

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