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Phil Ruffin Drinks Folgers

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 19th February 2013 12:09pm
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Who cares that Treasure Island owner Phil Ruffin took a $3m haircut on a mansion during the recession... the real booty to be mined is that this multi-billionaire drinks Folgers Coffee Singles.

Phil Ruffin Drinks Folgers

Never mind that there is a Starbucks location at Treasure Island, one at Mirage, Bouchon Bakery right across The Strip and full staff of chefs and underlings who will percolate and deliver the finest cup of Sumatra, Kona, or Columbian roast he could ever want at the snap of a finger. No. Phil likes Folgers.... look at that smile on his face!

Photo courtesy Las Vegas Sun Christopher DeVargas

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sometimes you just want a cheap cup of coffee i guess

Perhaps that is his preferred coffee of choice? I work for a small coffee and tea company and despite my best efforts, I was never able to get my grandparents to switch from their preferred coffee (Maxwell House Master Blend) to one of the blends our company does. They liked the coffee our company makes, but preferred drinking their Maxwell House. People are creatures of habit and when they find something they like, they tend to stick to it. This is how Starbucks, Tim Horton's, Dunkin' Donuts, etc. have been able to grow as people liked their coffee and would frequent their establishments solely for the coffee. Starbucks got a younger demographic that really wasn't brand loyal to a particular coffee and made them loyal to their brand and built up their brand off the backs of Generation X.

That's one classy dude! I'd love to see what else is in that office.

I expected to see more jade and ivory antiquities in his office.

What's on the table to the right of the coffee?

It looks like some kind of commemorative chess set to me.

Phil never has a second cup of coffee at home

I love the ads for Tim Hortons and various single serving coffee machines that appeared when I read this article. Time for some cookies!

I can smell that motherfucker through the computer screen.

The best part of waking up is . . . . oh, it's still being insanely fucking rich.

Check out that leather--what I can only assume is a--New Frontier casino jacket draped over that fine corinthian leather desk chair. Klassy. With a capital "K."

That office does have a bit of a "lost in the 70's" vibe, doesn't it?

Even though I made this comment on the Sun article, I want to repeat it here with people who will appreciate it-If that office wall is pretty much unchanged from when Steve Friess interviewed Ruffin in late 2009 (for The Strip podcast) then it contains the check Ruffin wrote to the IRS for his taxable profit from the sale of the New Frontier. Over $200 million! When asked why it was there, he replied "That's for the people who say the rich never pay any taxes."

His couch looks similar to a friend's couch, and if it's anything like his, lots of good naps are enjoyed there.

I think that's the old goat's smile that says, "I'm married to Miss Ukraine 2004. Wrap your brain around that, suckers."

That sofa probably has enough DNA on it to free 5 guys from death row..

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