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Guide To Understanding DJ Rosters

By Misnomer on Tuesday, 19th February 2013 12:38pm
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With dayclub season fast approaching, press releases are flying as each venue rushes to get the word out about their unique stable of resident DJ's. Still, while the particular names may be exclusive to a certain club, we can't help but notice similarities when looking at these lists. We've put together the following graphic that breaks down all that is typically found in an industry DJ Roster Press Release.

Vegas DJ Roster

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What about Jazzy Jeff, EZee Rock and Spinderella??

I'm starting to wonder when the Vegas Internet Mafia will realize that as annoying as DJs and various club goers are, they aren't going away, they aren't a flash in the pan, and they are one of the few things that are making money in Vegas.

While that scene isn't everyones cup of tea,mine included it's safe to say for people to consider Vegastriping and other outlets serious members of the media they need to stop the nonstop ridiculing of these artists and there fans.

@TCfromBoston Troll much? You seem to have issues with some of the stuff that is posted here, so if you don't like what's being said here, either don't say anything or go find some lesser Vegas website to post on.

Pretty harsh Vespajet. I don't think he's trolling. He presents a good point.

I don't mind one or two clubs, but now the entire strip caters to the non-gambling dbag club crowd. It's not going away and it appears to be a long-term fad and source of income for the casinos.

Doesn't mean every other article here on VT should be bashing it. I'm not fond of this trend, but it appears to be this generation's money maker.

I'm all for folks posting dissenting opinions. Let 'er rip.

Call it what you want..trolling or picking which stories to comment on. I don't find Misnomer funny, I also have a point and I am sure others share it and choose not to share it.

Vegastripping and other "friends of vegastripping' websites think they are the be all end all of vegas reporting...accept when it has to do with DJs...then they are a comedy website.

It's a valid complaint and observation. While Leach is always wrong and Vegaschatter is always stealing, they still have the support of some major media outlets and powerful allies in the media. Tripping will continue to not get any respect if they don't start to respect what is actual news. Add in some humor here and there, it is what first attracted me to this website, it is why I read the CET corporate blog. But don't ignore and ridicule things that aren't loved by the owners/writers of the site.

If you don't find Misnomer funny, you aren't obligated to comment on his posts. The fact that you are pretty much the only person to be so critical of his articles here shows that perhaps your opinion is more than likely a minority opinion. Chuckmonster obviously thinks that Misnomer adds something to the site and while his humor may not be everyone's tastes, the majority of those who comment on them seem to like them. How many times have your tweets on Twitter (assuming you even have a Twitter account) have been named Tweet of the Week by some of the Vegas media websites? Misnomer can claim that multiple times.

Have you ever considered that not everyone likes EDM and the DJs that "perform" it? If you look through the site (and the sites of "friends of VT"), you will see that many of us are more into classic rock and heavy metal than EDM (There are those of us who like electronic music, just not what passes as it these days. Think more Kraftwerk and less Deadmau5.). You also have to factor in the fact that many of us here don't exactly fit in the demographic these clubs aim for so of course that makes them a ripe target for derision here. If you want a Vegas site in which EDM music is embraced with open arms, you'll probably have to start one, as the average Vegas visitor is not a fan of it and the various sites tend to support that view.

Robin Leach is a hack journalist. His "exclusives" are often warmed over things culled on other Vegas sites and he doesn't take kindly to folks calling him out on that fact. Even some of the local Vegas TV stations and print media are just as bad about reporting something that had already been making the rounds on the Vegas sites for days or even weeks (or longer) as an exclusive or breaking news. Independent Vegas sites tend to be able to break things quicker because they have readers who tip them off. The average tourist is not going to call the LVRJ or Fox 5 and tip them off about some piece of art that is being installed at Wynn. Those outlets wait for the corporate PR machine to regurgitate the info that then gets passed off as an "exclusive" even though sites like VT had reported on it days earlier.

As for Vegaschatter, they've gotten their hands caught in the cookie jar by this site and others for lifting content without attribution. Part of the problem is that there are more and more "content farms" out there who harvest news and other info from other sites and try to pass it off as their own. Some of these "content farms" are owned by major media companies and try to get away with content theft as they know that many of the independent sites cannot afford a long drawn out legal fight if they tried to sue over content being misused from their site.

Tastes in music and humor are subjective. So lets get that right out of the way right now

I stated in my original comment that I wasn't a fan of EDM and nightclubs. I truly don't see the draw in them. But for people not to realize and recognize the trend that is happening in Vegas Night and Dayclubs right now is a tad bit ridiculous. Case in point, I was on the rental car shuttle a few weeks back. The conversation I overheard wasn't about what hotel people were staying at but what club they were going to go to and who was the DJ that night. A large influx of cash coming into this city is going into Nightclubs, Dayclubs and Ultra Lounges. People aren't traveling to the city to gamble they are going to see people like Calvin Harris and Deadmau5 who are in turn earning millions to play clubs that hold under 2000 people. This is the equivalent of Sinitra and Elvis in the 60s and 70s.

The only other comment I recall posting about a Misnomer article is when whom ever writes the headlines in the "VT News Blog" made it seem like a real headline/news story was to follow. Much like that headline I thought this was going to be a similar story to the area of VT that helps understand Resort Fees, which was right next to "VT News Blog"

This website and its owner keep complaining about being stolen from and poached. There is also a very clear lack of respect towards this website from the legit media, dislike them all you want but Leach and Chatter are legitimate. It's great when someone like Derek Stevens acknowledges the Trippies, but who else does? This blog should want to be a destination for tourist and regulars alike, not just the select few who "get it"

The bottomline is legitimate websites and news sources aren't stolen from. A step towards legitimacy and respect comes from the Vegastripping spin on actual news, and a separate place for the funnies page that is Misnomer, like him or not.

I wonder why I sometimes even bother trying to reason with some people.......

Since when do "serious member of the media" have an editorial staff that doesn't ridicule something that is popular and they have a dissenting opinion of? Maybe you should also take that argument up with the New York Times or Fox News.

Last I checked, VT wasn't a news site. It's a blog. An opinion/editorial blog. About Las Vegas. Which happens to very often contain news and more often than I would expet from a blog breaks stories and leads the way. Why are you trying to determine what VT is or isn't? Who here is complaining about not being taken seriously? I would say the success of VT and the mafia speaks for itself.

*grabs some popcorn* Ooooooo, cat fight.

Yea I wonder why you bother too since you didn't bother to read anything I wrote.

Here is the bottomline:

Vegastripping will be the first to bitch about a story being stolen from them after they break it/get an exclusive/dig it up on the internet. In the very same area where that story would appear there is a misleading headline that leads to a poor attempt at humor.

Can you not see that is my point and is a major flaw with this website?

It's great your buddies with Chuck and you have a beer with him once in a while and you're defending your friend. I'm sure he is a great guy, he's obviously a talented man. I'm not just some "troll" who doesn't realize who I am talking about and too, I understand the higherachy of the "Vegas Internet Mafia." This website is a running inside joke unwelcoming to the outside world, but the outside world will find a way in and not get the joke and then tell people don't go to vegastripping.com, go to a vegaschatter or somewhere else for your news and infomation.

TCfrom Boston

I'm not sure where your issue with VT comes from. And honestly I happen to agree with your first point. While I don't care for the club/DJ scene it is not going away for sure and I have realized that I am not their target demographic anyway.

If you don't care for Misnomer's posts there is a byline right after the headline so stop reading there. If you want to take the dissenting opinion in a comment, as Chuck said, Let ‘er rip. Part of what I personally enjoy about this site is the way Vegas is presented and the sometimes lively conversations on the main blog and boards. There is no "major flaw" with the site, it is what it is. It's not trying to be Vegaschatter, LVA or Vegas deluxe ,it is user driven.

You take offense to Chuck pointing out when other sites have poached items that were first seen on VT. Each time he shows the timeline and specifics of the posts. It is pretty hack of your so called legitimate sites to not give credit to their source. You will notice that VT always credits their source.

I also agree with you that there are times that this site can seem like a club that does not welcome outsiders but that could not be further from the truth. If you ever attend a #VIMFP you will meet a very diverse, friendly, welcoming group of Vegas fans. I like seeing new names on the boards and think that there is a lot of great information that can be gathered and new opinions are always welcome.

And lastly I am going to completely disagree with you about the “legitimate” sites Vegaschatter and Kissass Leach. I read the former and avoid the latter as he is very full of himself, and usually full of shit. He gets press by kissing celebrity ass. Vegaschatter is obviously a corporate driven blog, they never take anyone to task for fear of losing advertising dollars but I do get some good info from it. And the Pulse of Vegas Blog is a big love fest for the empire. Again I do enjoy “Shill Scott’s” writing style but also understand he has an agenda to promote all things CET and make them seem like the best ever even if they fall short *cough* Carlos n Charlie’s *cough*.

While I do not agree with every post on VT I do enjoy the style of the site and that I can express my opinion even if it is different from others and I encourage you to continue to do the same.

Peace and love

I have to say I agree with TCfromBoston's initial point regarding VT's overwhelmingly negative coverage of all things DJ and night/dayclub related. If the core purpose of the blog/site is as a guide to Las Vegas then shouldn't it embrace a segment of the market that is driving massive amounts of revenue and basically floated this city during the tough times? Yes, at times it can be douchey and ego-driven but so can the celebrity chef, entertainment and show scenes as well. Saying the tens of thousands (+?) of visitors coming to LV each month to go to clubs/see DJ shows aren't gambling, spending money in restaurants and filling hotel rooms is overtly ignorant. Covering LV doesn't mean you have to love every aspect of the city as it speaks to you; instead it should mean the opposite and extra effort should be given to understand those parts that don't cater to your specific tastes or preferences.

While I'm a huge fan of VT, I agree that as long as it takes such an obtusely stand-off approach to night/daylife and the DJ culture it will struggle to find larger acceptance. While Vegas media is overwhelmingly PR puff and corporate tail-wagging there's something to be said for a site that prints independent thought and unbiased reviews but strives to be more than visitors rubbernecking a car accident.


Wait, you guys are looking for a larger audience?

If that's the case, you should definitely start finding any positives you can about EDM culture.

Nah, fuck it, you should continue to 'be you' as the kids say. I have been a fan of vapid club music and culture for nearly 30 years, and I'll either laugh at the jokes or not. The streets of the net are littered with thin skinned fanboys. If you can't handle what you see, you might want to avert your eyes.

"This is the equivalent of Sinitra and Elvis in the 60s and 70s."

Marquee Nightlife


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