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When The Fun Stops - Episode 642

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 15th February 2013 9:05am
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Gambling addiction is no laughing matter.

Ok, it is... just this once.

Not just the indigent hopeless idiots trolling for any life line from the depths of despair are gambling addicts, they're preachers, billionaires, captains of industry and now... Ex-Mayors of San Diego married to the Jack In The Box fortune.

Mayor Maureen O'Connor (Democrat) copped to having a mega gambling problem, losing $13 million bucks between 2000 and 2009 at California, Vegas and A.C. casinos. Her game of choice? Video poker.

Mayor O'Connor's lawyers wager she made about $1 billion in bets during those years. Based on location, I'll venture a guess that Mayor O'Connor was (and is) a card carrying member of the Total Rewards loyalty program from Caesars Entertainment.

ONE BILLION DOLLARS IN WAGERS. ON VIDEO POKER. Can you imagine the metric kiloton assload of Total Rewards points and tier credits that crazy jacks (in the box) or better loving lady racked up? She probably got comped at the FlamingO!

Unfortunately, the fun stopped and Ms. O'Connor allegedly dipped into her late husbands charitable foundation as her addiction spiraled out of control.

So, yeah... even the high and mighty very well to do politicians suffer from the hypnotism at the sight of Gary Loveman's expertly tousled pelt.


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Comments & Discussion:

So she's the lady married to the clown-head dude in the commercial?

MinVegas...No...I believe she married his father after his mother died...but I'm not sure...!!!...

My guess is she doubled up each year once the Go rooms were introduced.

Boy she could have brought Bob Dancer along on her trips--it would have been cheaper!!

The press is really runnning with this $1 billion number....I watched NBC's version of it this morning and they fully implied that she had actually lost $1 billion. If I added together all of the blackjack bets I have made over the years, it would be a very large, but very meaningless number. $13 million in losses is alot, but it's far from $1 billion.

Watch the price for the 2 tacos for 99 cents go up shortly.

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