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Mirage To Completely Renovate Casino Floor

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 14th February 2013 10:40pm
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Buried at the bottom of a press release announcing the appointment of a new property president, Trevor Scherrer, the Mirage let it squeak out that they are planning a full renovation of the casino floor to match the renovations in dining that are currently underway.

As you may remember, VT staffer JohnH and his travel companion Mr. Giggles nabbed the first piece of this news when they stumbled across a test swatch of brand new casino carpeting in mid-January.

This is good news... as long as they're aping Cosmopolitan and not Planet Hollywood. Plus it lowers the chances to about 0.1% that Phil Ruffin is going to wheel a mechanical bull up in this country bunker.

Why... with renovations still so fresh, MGM must be unhappy with the results of The Mirage's post-tropical, dark, dimly, quasi-modern casino or they've realized that the marketplace has changed and EVERY square foot must be part of a compelling narrative. Maybe a little bit of both. Or I'm being optimistic.

The last set of casino and hotel transformations weren't all that long ago, 2007(ish) as the property was making a big push to redefine itself for it's 20th anniversary celebrations. This massive, property wide refresh included completely renovating the volcano out front. Seems like yesterday, but it was almost five years ago!

To my eyes, the macrostructural changes coming to Mirage are encapsulated in stalwart Kokomos closing to become Tom Colicchio's Heritage Steak. History schmistory... Kokomos sucked. NOBODY would go there on purpose, let alone twice.

Frankly, I'm surprised that such a prime piece of Mirage real estate has been allowed to languish for so long. I hate seeing generic property owned lower price eateries replaced by fancy ass, celebrity chef brands armed with menus full of budget busting sticker shock. In this case the Mirage NEEDS Tom Colicchio way more than it needs another cookie cutter Light Group joint cannonballing sliders and crunchy tuna rolls at us.

While great for many of reasons we all know, the Mirage is an underperforming asset, lost in a jungle of befuddled identity. Glitter, makeup and fishnet stockings on a banana tree sorta makes sense. No? Yes?

The Mirage needs to become a destination again. INside, not on the midway. The Mirage needs to become the property that you recommend to a friend, evangelize to a stranger and tell your enemies to avoid. Everybody has a dreamy Vegas home that magically connects to your internal alarm clock which summons butterflies to awaken you when its time to go.

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That big ass tree in the middle of the floor as you walked thru the casino always bothered me and yes, the place is too damn dark.

Amen. Preach On.

Kokomos was my favorite restaurant for lunch in the early days of The Mirage. The room was much better when Steve Wynn ran it. In those days, the rainforest was much thicker, and diners were isolated from the noise of the casino and hotel registration by the soothing sounds of rushing water and babbling brooks. Also, during lunch, the space was bright and cheerful with the sunlight coming down through the "jungle". I can't recall when Kokomos was closed for lunch, but I never went there for dinner. I always requested the same excellent server, Gray, who was originally from Williamsburg, VA. She moved to Olives at Bellagio when that property opened. Kokomos is another example in my mind of how MGM screwed up so many things that Steve Wynn created. The last renovation, when Kokomos was opened to the hotel lobby, was the death knell for an enjoyable restaurant.

As long as it steers toward the tropical and away from the bland, I'm all for it.

Excellent post. I'm passionate about the Mirage. I remember being in the city back in 1989 when the property opened. I was just a kid but it instilled the reality that Las Vegas is a place where grandeure can happen *and* succeed. The only way I can describe the Mirage opening is to say it was like believing in Santa Claus again. The first day I checked in as an adult at the Mirage was a coming of age of sorts for me. I will be following the developments closely!

Any idea when the renovations will begin? I was planning on staying there during my April visit, but I don't want to be there if they are under construction.

I couldn't agree more, that it needs to become a destination again, I just don't think that MGM feels the same way, there isn't enough room in the portfolio for it to be one (imo). While I don't necessarily want Ruffin to get it, I would love to see it in the hands of a hungry operator, looking for a flagship. Paired with say one other property in Vegas, I have to believe they could really make a go of things, even as a single it would be a seriour thorn in the side for the conglamorates.

The Mirage is a gem! This is very exciting news. I have stayed there almost once a year for the last 10 years. The value proposition is the best in LV. The prior transition of the casino made it a bit less fun for some reason. I really hope they redo it all...I wouldn't mind seeing it just completely different with a new layout and configuration. They need to step up their waitress hiring, er, I mean casting calls.

Mirage was my home base for years before I started branching out.
I still check Mirage and MGM Grand first before making any Vegas hotel reservation.
I sort of fell into the CET wormhole of cheap rooms and easy comeback offers.
But the layout, size, and general vibe of the Mirage has always been my favorite.

From 2010 to 2012, I've had the pleasure of vacationing in vegas 5 times. 3 of those times were spent at the Mirage, I love this place. Yes I totally agree that it does need a facelift to brighten up the place and help attract the younger crowd. Whenever people tell me that their planing a trip to Vegas, I always suggest the Mirage, especically with it being right in the middle of the strip and ideal for touriests who like to walk and explore. Plus with all of the room renovations that have taken place, I think it's only fitting that they renovate the casino floor as well.

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