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SLS Las Vegas Rendering Interiors YouTubed

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 13th February 2013 12:38pm
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Remember the "chickabombomb" video that previewed the Cosmopolitan a few years ago? Well, the SLS has one too.

The video - sent out to sell the property to EB-5 visa applicants - has all the charm of an episode of American Justice (including a pitch perfect Bill Kurtis knock off ), the CGI quality level only matched by Saturday afternoon SyFy network rerun and a cameo appearance by Jar Jar Binks.

Obviously, they skirt the location issue by accenting the positives: the property is built, is in Las Vegas and it has a history. The real meat of the issue is the post-pixelplosion interiors.

SLS marquee

From the street. It'll be nice when there are two incredibly white, best in class resorts at either end of the Strip. Perhaps Bravo TV will put on a new show about the competing resorts called "The Real Househusbands Of Just Below Luxury Las Vegas" or "Wrong Rook Pawn Stars."

SLS marquee

A shoe in the Porte Cochere. I wonder if SLS knows about the shoes at Cosmopolitan.

SLS marquee

The vestibule overlooking the casino floor. Casbah Lounge has moved and turned purple. Isn't that where the House of Lords was?

SLS marquee

The center bar. Looks like the drinks are mixologized and expensive.

SLS marquee

There will be casino. Straight ahead is Foxtail lounge. Based on the bookcases, I'm going to guess that the white and silver thing to the left is The Bazaar. Jose Andres loves book cases.

SLS marquee


SLS marquee

The pool deck with Foxtail lounge.

SLS marquee

Funny how they don't have a "brand identity" for the casino entrance... just some shitty clip art.

SLS marquee

Poolside snackbar and bar. Cute baby monkays USE TOOLS?!?!??!!!??

SLS marquee

Unnamed day club. Ooontz Ooontz Ooontz Ooontz.

SLS marquee

And back out on the street (on the Strip facing southern end of the property) is a trio of joints. The Biergarten, Katsuya (sushi) and the Papaya King hot dog and juice stand.

The interiors look great... nothing particularly awe inspiring, but certainly doable given the budget they've got. Just like most of the institutional investors who passed on this project, I'm skeptical about SLS's long to mid term prospects given the lousy location, heavy competition and lack of a gaming rolodex.

We will see.

Big super huge thanks to Mac78103 for ferreting out this delicious find.

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Comments & Discussion:

The video is slicker than I expected it to be. I really don't like the white chandeliers I keep seeing over the casino.

This looks like a shinier version of what Rumor and Artisan serve up. One of those establishments with a casino in the middle. I don't know. There just isn't enough critical mass for this to work, if it even appeals to a mass market sensibility. And all of the logos bloooooooow.

I think I'll be putting at least a few thousand of my 2012 IRA dollars into white paint on the commodities futures market. Looks like they're going to be buying it by the tanker truck. (I know a guy who retired off what he made trading white paint futures just before the Trop project started...he had some insider information, though!!!) The question is: Generic latex or that fancy new "paint-and-primer-in-one" stuff used by lazy homeowners who don't take the time to pressure wash all the grime off their houses before painting? (I'm thinkin' the all-in-one is gonna get me the best returns!)

Wonder if they'll tie in the hotel with Starwood's Luxury Collection, a la SLS Beverly Hills.

Interesting point about the walking distance proximity of 2000 new condo units. Not a particularly scenic walk, but it is probably the most convenient casino for any tourist renters of those units.

It looks like the Sahara with new carpet, paint, and douchebags.

Well from wandering behind the Sahara years back guests will have multiple options to which massage parlor they want to go to and will see the brightest McDonald's ever.

Watching security eject the homeles and bums during the day for the 3 front restaurants, should be it's own type of entertainment.

The first rendering of the casino above, reminds me of a barn with gambling.

THery will likely have to go after the locals market a bit like Palms did for years. THis could mean decent odds and video poker paytables

Are they going to invest in a roster of Superstar Djs?

That seems to hold some sway with the EDM crowd.

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