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SBE Misrepresenting Facts To SLS Investors, Again

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 11th February 2013 4:25pm
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Can you spot the errors in this SLS Las Vegas rendering put forth by sbe entertianment?


From the "Buyer Beware" department comes this rendering of the SLS Las Vegas shown off to potential SLS EB-5 'visas for investments' buyers. The premise is simple... make Chinese investors who know little to nothing about the Las Vegas Strip think that the glistening and gleaming plastic hotel model of SLS is located directly in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip... somewhere between MGM Grand and Planet Hollywood with Wynn & Encore way out by Boulder Highway.

Yeah... CityCenter adjacent was sbe's dream back when they bought Sahara... but CityCenter north. We can't fault Mr. Nazarian for dreaming, right? But hoisting a fib this large to potential investors... well... unless each investor decides to reconnoiter the corners of said parcel, they deserve to get whats coming to them.

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The are so many things wrong with this rendering that my stomach is turning. I cannot be entirely sure, but it looks like the LV Blvd. entrance is to the right of the photo. If this is true, how is there now a road where the new addition (housing the coaster and the Nascar BS) was? How much is he exactly planning to tear down/build from scratch?
Just like the Stardust, the Sahara was cut down too soon. sam nazariblahblah killed this place the day that he bought it. I hope he never gets a red cent to build anything again. In Vegas, L.A. or anywhere on Earth.

Sam does know there are these things known as maps which will show where SLS actually is doesn't he? The only thing behind what used to be the Sahara is a bus stop and a lot of dark streets.

Ummm............is that the site of Paris, Las Vegas's pool?

It's a cry for help indeed.... I guess SLS is like the Montecito, you can never pin down exactly where it was located because of what was supposedly around it....

Uggggh. So he's orienting it AWAY from the Strip (apparently on Koval) in a location behind Planet Hollywood. The only explanation I can come up with is the SLS Parallel Universe. You just gotta believe.

Ellis Island has never looked better!

Seriously, it takes some balls to misrepresent to potential Chinese investors. It may not be the crowd to settle grievances in court.

Most impressive is that it looks like the whole property will be built on a seriously sloped angle. Just make sure your park brake is on.

I love this, my guess is Harmon and Koval!

I live in LA, and can attest to the fact that the SLS in Beverly Hills is crap.
Way overpriced for what you are getting. Nazarian would have been smart to re-hab the Sahara not try to build another dime a dozen luxury resort in an area surrounded by liquor stores, porn shops, and empty construction sites. While he probably figured that Echelon and Fountainblu would be built when he bought the place and he would have ritzy neighbors, like any good businessman should have adjusted his plans with economic factors changed. Not to sound racist, but his way of doing business is par the course for many Persian/Armenian businessmen that I have come across. Overcharge and bait and switch. Sad.

Sam the Scam previously was going to rehab the Sahara and couldn't seem to line-up to money for that plan either. In fact, he was on that crappy MTV show The Hills back in 2008 hyping the plans for the new Sahara...


After Nazarian purchased Le Meridien it took years to turn it into the SLS, and in doing so it went down-market. (IMHO). I just think this is par for the course.

I had to double check that this was a Chuckmonster post and not one of Misnomer's.
Sam the Scam should have just gone all in and had the Bellagio fountains right in front.

So many things are wrong with this i don't where to start. Other than just say it is useless .

I wonder what it would be like to be a Vegas virgin and have no idea how wrong this rendering actually is.

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