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Caesars: Total Spammers

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 8th February 2013 12:48pm
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Caesars Total Spammers

In the never ending battle to control your mind, control your social media and control your bank account, the geniuses at Caesars Entertainment have turned to Social Rewards to recruit an army of cheapskates to send their spam at you.

Caesars Total Spammers

The premise is simple. Folks sign up, they send Caesars Inc. spam at YOU via their social media streams, click throughs are counted and applied towards discounts or other offers at the hotel.

Caesars Total Spammers

Total Spam. Shame on you Caesars Entertianment.

Stop social spam by unfollowing social spammers.

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Comments & Discussion:

I'm really naive. Didn't know that shit went on. I should unfollow all CZR properties.

The best part is that the Social Rewards website still has the old Total Rewards branding instead of the new wacky logo. Inconsistent branding at its best.

Caesars Social Rewards: Be Our Bitch!

What a way to chase comps.

Detroit, it's not necessarily the properties that are the issue, it's the regular users they promise things too to promote this spam through their channels. Drone warfare at it's finest.

I think CZR and it's predecessors have been pushing these so called grass roots advertising scams for awhile. Casino Player Magazine's yearly "Best of" has been repeatedly dominated by Harrahs. Not the company, Harrahs LV. Best hotel? Best blackjack etc. all have been "voted" by either some inexperienced readers or ballot box stuffing. And they're not even based in Chitown.

Hahaha, well I guess they did their job of getting your attention. Obviously I am guilty being the 2nd person on there :-P I am getting married at PH March 30th, and every dollar counts. I actually try to post them in the middle of the night (when I work) so minimal people will see it. Yea, its total spam though

oh and if anyone is wondering, I have gotton 4200 TR points added to my account in 2 weeks so far. Not a bad deal to get it as long as we can!

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