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SLS Has A Fancy Chinese Website And No Funding

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 7th February 2013 7:33pm
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FiveHundy reminds us via Twitter that the deadline for SLS to complete its funding is night (if not passed.) A little internet digging revealed that SLS has built a fancy Chinese website in the hopes of enticing potential investors to take advantage of their EB-5 offer of cash for a visa.

The website - http://www.slslasvegas.com.cn features this rendering of the casino floor and a curious pie graph in the top left corner.

SLS funding

I can't read Chinese, but by looking at the graph it appears that they've gotten 10% of the funding required. Green = go, fuel, good, cash... right? If you can read Chinese, share your translation with us.

10%! That sucks!

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Comments & Discussion:

10 percent won't even pave the parking lot

Press release will be coming announcing extensions/excuses/alibis, etc.
April 1st might be a good day to look for it.

Google Chrome provides a very rudimentary translation of the page, the pie chart isn't translatable, but here's a translated tidbit about their "exit strategy"

The exit strategy is expected to be 5 years SLS Hotel in Las Vegas, the selling price will be as high as $ $ 1,001,800,00. On the basis of the sales value, the equity debt in five years are expected to total approximately 28% debt and 72% equity, which is very suitable for traditional bank refinancing ratio. Senior loans and EB-5 loans will be expected to refinance when the EB-5 investor funds 100% return.

The lighting theme in that place has a serious personality disorder.

Is the casino theme? Indoor Lighting Store?

Chandeliers, my favorite!

I'm not sure what the biggest farce in Vegas is right now, SLS Las Vegas or SkyVue. Both companies are obviously having money issues and yet try to pass things off as being rosy when said roses smell like poop.

SLS Las Vegas is looking less and less likely to ever happen and sad to say it, I don't see anything happening there for at least 3-5 years. Let's just hope someone else ends up with it and decides to reopen it as the Sahara.

paging Mr. Okada, Mr. Nazarian is on line 2.

I'm guessing interior lighting wasn't a big seller at the Sahara liquidation. But JohnD sums it up best...it looks like the inside of a Lamps Plus.

Late to the game, but the translation on the pie chart is:
90% Already Purchased
10% The Rest

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