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Palms Bitchslaps Rio On Google

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 7th February 2013 3:56pm
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I've probably done more Googling about Vegas stuff than the average person. I have never, ever ever seen anything like this:

As in....

Rio? Are you fucking serious? Why the hell would you want to stay at the Rio when you can stay at the Palms instead. Honestly... who CHOOOSES to stay at the RIO? NOBODY. *snap* BITCH *snap* PLEASE *snap*

George Maloof would've never played this way with his neighbors. Welcome to the New Palms.

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Comments & Discussion:

lol they removed it :/

.........ummm, is Cesar's fighting with itself now?

Cesar's doesn't own Plams, but they make great cat food.

Still there, its on page two of results.

10 pts for this. Absolutely awesome.
Also, 10 pts for Chuck's comment down here.

I think that is hilarious. I look forward to future Plams Slams.

well they do have a point

Actually Ceasar's does kind of own Palms, via their shared parent companies.

ACtually considering that the top one is technically an "ad" for Rio, that means their website comes up 3rd, lol

Palms ownership = 49% TPG Capitol, 49% Leonard Green and Partners, 2% Maloofs. Caesar's entertainment does not own palms. So they do not share parent companies. So, no, Caesar's is not fighting with itself...

@weatherman2111 Ceasar's doesn't "kind of own" the Palms; neither does Caesars. Just because one of the companies that owns Hamlet Holdings (Which is the owner of Caesars Entertainment) owns a stake in the Palms doesn't mean Caesars Entertainment owns any part of the Palms or vice versa.

Wow, spel pulise is out in strength

If Caesars Palace was meant to have an apostrophe in it, Jay Sarno would have put one in it back in 1966.....

Somehow I doubt TPG would be too keen on a property they have a stake in insulting another property they have a stake in, regardless of exact ownership details.

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