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Sayonara Barbary Bill's Saloon and Sluttery

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 4th February 2013 12:14pm
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Moments ago, Bill's Gamblin' Hall and Saloon closed.

To true fans, Bill's never opened. We weeped when Barbary Coast fell into the hands of then Harrah's, now Caesars Entertainment... one of the last independent shit holes on The Strip had been assimilated into the Borg, given a new old name and half-heartedly turd polished.

It served us well as a place to pee and grab beer. Or as a temporary stop gap between O'Sheas and the new O'Sheas. But as an edifice in and of it self, Bills decayed rapidly in its final few years until the inside smelled worse than the pre-renovation Plaza and that was pretty goddamn bad - a steamy mix of moldy hot dogs, sweaty gym socks, stale beer and fresh puke.

I love independent shitholes as much as the next guy... but I for one am glad to see Bill's close even if it is to become the latest douchetastic boutique resort and clubsino.

Sayonara Bill's.

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I can count the number of times I ever ventured into the place on one hand and have fingers left. It never really appealed to me. I was more of an O'Sheas guy, especially since Bill's was not part of Total Rewards. It's not a place I'll shed a tear over. The renovation and renaming of the property is something that had been rumored pretty much since the then Harrah's Entertainment did some horse trading with Boyd Gaming involving the former Westward Ho site (A casino I still lament the closing and razing of.).

And now to replace the smell of stale beer and sweat with the smell of fresh sweat and xtasy. Xtasy has a smell, right?

I think it really hurt the property that Loveman never got them on Total Rewards...I really enjoyed staying there. The standard rooms were better maintained than Flamingo/Bally's/Paris and often for half the price. Typically, the service was pretty good, and the location is great. I kinda dig the old, grimy joints...used to love the Westward Ho, and Stardust was my home for years. All that being said, the only playing I've done at Bill's is some daytime poker...mainly because of the lack of Total Rewards.

Pretty much the same sentiment here...
I'll miss the Barbary Coast, but Bill's not so much.

Independent? It was part of Boyd Gaming circa 2006. Boyd traded Barbary for the Westward Ho parcel in order to expand the Echelon footprint.

http://www.vegastodayandtomorrow.com/harrah%27s.htm ...about halfway down the page.

The Barbary was also home to Michael's Restaurant. This was a great classic Vegas place to eat: a real throwback to the days of total service and great food. It has relocated to The Barn-I mean Southpoint- but walking there from Caesar's after a good time gambling and drinking was always a highlight for this "old timer". I'm sure I will get the opposite opinion from many but Michael's was gem; and a gem in the strangest of loctions..

Having reviewed my previous comment, I will no longer be including the letter "a" in sentence or word.

I went in the place twice, gambled in it once and a friend stayed there back in 2005. He told me in order to check in you had to pull in the back and that killed the place for me.

How many more casinos do we need that cater specifically to young, wealthy, and attractive people who don't gamble? Is that demographic so large that it warrants betting your entire business on them? Virtually anyone could be potential gambler. It would seem to me your really limiting your business by catering to such a specific clientele. And what happens when these people grow tired of hanging around in clubs all day/night buying $500 bottles of vodka (because they will)? Where is your business at then?

I always had a soft spot for Bill's because I had my first huge night at the craps table here. Plus, that $2 Corona stand at the corner entrance made for an good pit stop after coming down the escalator. That said, I was far more heartbroken over O'Sheas...

After Michael's left, I never had reason to return. No tears from me.

What was good about Bill's: Reasonably clean and comfortable, reasonably priced room in a GREAT location. Not a room in the joint more than five minutes away from the sidewalk. Fun, young crowd.

It wasn't Barbary Coast, which actually had a decent casino -- once Harrah's took over, the casino was worthless.

But what I am mourning here is another nail in the coffin of what Vegas Is All About, at least as far as I'm concerned: fun watching people of all walks of life engaged in all walks of vice.

My first win was at Barbary, once they change to Bill's I seldom did any gambling there, but will miss the joint anyway until the new one opens.

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