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The Perils of Self Parking at Harrah's

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 4th February 2013 12:01pm
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For many of us, the extent of damage we'll get from the parking garage is stepping in some bodily ejecta or the occasional door ding. Imagine coming back to the self park, head hazy and slit eyed from your 36 hour Vegas bender to find that your car, safely nestled in the perfect well lit parking space has been broken into completely stripped - seats, airbags, 8 tracks, the whole schmear.

He had a soft top 2 seat performance car. Somebody slashed the top open, and opened his car. They then proceeded to spend at least thirty minutes, without any security catching on. They removed the 2 seats, which run at about 3k each, the airbags, blinker lights, and everything from the trunk. All while he was working there.

Adding insult to injury, security guards at Harrah's laughed at them when reporting the theft.

Obviously, theft takes place at all casino parking garages. Shortly after Wynn opened there was a rash of emblem thefts from all the BMW and Mercedes Benz' in the self park garage. The answer to this was putting two security guys on golf carts, constantly circling the parking garage levels.

I am surprised that there was no alarm on this car - a Honda S2000 - not that anyone would hear it or come to the rescue if it went off. I'm also surprised that no cars or security drove by in the half hour or so it would take to strip seats, airbags, turn signals and ransack the trunk.

Anyways, the moral of the story is if you have a rag top or a car you don't want jacked, use the valet.

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Harrah's is the worst self-parking garage I've been in, even worse than Venetian. No damage, but don't they ever pick up the empty beer bottles and broken glass? (Several years ago, so maybe CZR has gotten its act together.

Seminole Casinos in Florida have good roving Security on bikes, foot and golf cart, but they can't be everywhere at once. Ditto Isle Pompano: No garage but roving security supplemeneted by Broward Sheriff deputies (paid for by Isle I assume.)

My Dad had his Honda S2000 stolen from his home in Vegas. A valet at a casino called the cops when the thief was trying to sell it to him. The police took no action because they said they couldn't "reach" my Dad, he was out of town.

Disgusting situation, really sad to see these properties continue to disregard the spend on things they need to make their property vaguely professional.

Feel bad for the owner. Personally, when I use a rental car and need to park mid-Strip I always park it in the Mirage self-park . Good security and easy to navigate.

Our car is not a ragtop, just a small black sports car. A few years ago, we self parked at the Tropicana, and when we got back to the car that night, someone had just smashed the passenger window in, and taken the radio. It wasn't a sophisticated criminal...they first tried to pry through the dash leaving a hole and cracks. And amazingly, they didn't take the coin tray change. And (thank god) they didn't take the golf clubs in the back. Or the jackets on the seats, or anything else. We didn't bother talking with the Tropicana security, & just filed an ins claim.

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