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Palms Unveils Social New Center Bar

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 31st January 2013 2:30pm
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The ongoing renovations at The Palms Hotel and Donut Cookery have reached a monumental point - Social, the new center bar is now complete and open for your bourbon maple glazed business.

Funny. It makes me happy to see that society has progressed beyond the "Thirsty Thursday" naming convention nonsense... at least a little. Perhaps it is me, but this has the feel of cruise ship marketing. Corny, but if you'll get loaded if you are willing get past the initial eye roll.

Paging Mr. Spock, Mr. Spock please step to the nuclear reactor promenade deck.

Booths! God's gift to those who like to blame audible byproducts of digestion on furniture.

Neato design... it looks like a booze telescope.

A panorama: (scroll/swipe from right to left)

Palms Center Bar

Big thanks to VT's man about town Mitzula for sharing his pix with us!



Comments & Discussion:

But here's the rub, most folks aren't going to trek to the Palms unless they're already staying in the neighborhood. Why should folks go there if they're staying on The Strip when there are bars or similar or better quality within walking/stumbling distance of most places on the Strip. There are plenty of gin joints on The Strip with deep whiskey/whisky selections, so why venture there unless you were already going there for something?

Yup. Not a destination bar... just a bar.

I usually take a fieldtrip over that way every other time I'm in town. Here's how it goes down.

The wives have their day when they want to go shopping at all the outlets between Primm and downtown.

My buddies and I hop the cheap-ass free shuttle from Harrah's to Rio. We walk across the street, through the garage, and park ourselves at a Gold Coast craps table. Some years, we roll dice for hours.

I don't know what it is, but I have had some insanely great times playing craps there. It's an older, more seasoned crowd so the game goes smoothly. The cocktail service is good and most of the waitresses and dealers are fun. If the craps mojo isn't working, the blackjack is pretty fun, too.

Anyway, by mid-afternoon, we are usually pretty well lit and we wander over to the Plams where we get more lit. If I can't find that one bank of full-pay Deuces machines, I usually give back some of my GC craps proceeds somewhere else.

By the time we grab a cab and meet the girls for dinner somewhere, we are usually pretty worthless from seven or eight hours of daydrinking.

So I guess my point is that I might be drunk/get drunk here in the next six months or so.

I seldom go to the Palms since I seldom head toward that part of town. If I head to the Rio then I start at the Palms then go to Rio. That said, this is a damn good looking bar but no it is not a destination bar since the Palms isn't really s destination hotel.

I don't understand this trend of pretending center casino bars can/should be anything special. Nobody is going to get bottle service at a casino bar. All of Venelazzo's casino bars are now 'themed' and I bet it hasn't increased their sales a bit.

Looks really swell, but without VP it's of no use to me. I can sit down at nice bars anywhere.

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