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Martha Stewart's Wynn Villa

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 28th January 2013 1:14pm
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Wynn Las Vegas Villa Photo

Last week, the queen of crafty living and securities fraud Martha Stewart enjoyed a weekend inside of a Villa at Wynn Las Vegas while in town for her niece's wedding.

She posted three photos of the Villa on her blog (starting at #17) and a three more via Twitter slide show (click the right scroll.)

She also gave responsibility for Le Reve to Cirque du Soleil, won playing craps and ate at "ANDREA" which truly does look like a the set of a Gil Gerard era Buck Rogers tv show.

I'm not entirely sure, but I believe that the Villas were renovated two years ago. The furnishings, fixtures, and presentation are a little less than enthralling, which I think I can pinpoint to the color of the couches. I see how they are supposed to make an arc with the cherry entertainment center, but after the subtle avant-garde knockout of Wynn's Salon Suites, this is a little too... obvious, cluttered even.

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Bellagio Penthouse Suite anyone?

Some of the Wynn villas have the same knockout look of the Salon suites.

@jake so they put Martha in one of the old ones? Perhaps they were shooting an episode of LOCKUP: Wynn's Unrenovated Villa (SEC Fraud Edition)

I think the term "villa" is misleading for these suites. At every other hotel in Vegas, the villas are the apex of their suite offerings, which is not the case with the fairway villas. I, for one, would be incredibly disappointed if my host told me I were getting a Wynn villa and wound up in one of these. They do have actual Villas at Wynn - they call them the apartment villas - but these aren't them.

Right, these are the Fairway Villas.

@Chuckmonster maybe its an Encore villa? Or it could be an un-renovated one. I only know that some of the Wynn villas share a palette with the Salon suites because I just watched an interview one of my UNLV professors did with Marilyn Spiegel, in which they both repeatedly mentioned that they were in a Fairway villa that had the same couches, carpeting and wall coverings as the Salon suites.

These are the first-floor fariway villas (that differ from the newly re-designed 2nd and 3rd floor villas that you can see pictures of on the Wynn website). I believe these were renovated around 2007-2008 as they wanted to differentiate these from the other fairway villas.


Some further clarification...

In 2005, anyone could book a Fairway Villa for circa $1000 a night on a weekday. Some people got a pool, some wound up on the second and third floors where there wasn't one. And that was literally the only difference between these accommodations.

Realizing that the pool was enough of an amenity to make this a different class of accommodation, they decided to heighten them to another echelon of room and renovated the units with similar finishes as the Apartment Villas that @thefish2010 mentioned. This was in late '05, completed in early '06 and it looks like they've yet to be retouched. That said, having seen them in person, they're more gorgeous than any photo could ever detail.

All second and third floor villas got the same scheme as the Salon Suites in the last couple years. It worked well. Too well. So well in fact that they threw in a private, gated driveway and won't let us normal guests rent them without fondling management testes and paying a minimum $2500.

Bummer. I had many a wonderful nights in my $800, 2005-06 era Fairway Villas.

@MikeE Thanks for the clarification!

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