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Photos From Space Debunk Luxor Beam Myth

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 24th January 2013 1:59pm
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I'm sure you've all heard the line that you can see Luxor beam from space. Marketing nonsense, I'm sure... and a real gem of one. Dr. Dave points us to a Tweet sent to us, from space, which debunk the myth that you can see Luxor's beam from space. The photos were taken by by Commander Chris Hadfield a Canadian Astronaut (aren't all Canadians space cadets?) who lives aboard the International Space Station, which show Las Vegas.

First, Vegas during daylight hours.

Vegas From Space

Second, Vegas at night.

Vegas From Space

No beam, just a blur of light from the entirety of the city. The myth has been officially busted. Friggin awesome.

Thanks Dr. Dave 702 @unlvgaming for the tweet tip!

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Comments & Discussion:

wow what a cool visual

one of the best VT postings ever

I wanna go back, reminds me of the view when we fly in.

Wait, how is it not visible, I mean it looks like all the lights are?

@coybotjr: visible, but not discernable.

I will say this: Shortly after Luxor opened, I took a flight to Salt Lake City from the east coast that involved a wee hours connection at McCarran (How was that even possible? Remember AmericaWest airlines?). Anyway, I am the kind of nerd who always gets a window seat so I can monitor the geography out the window as I fly. Even on a night flight from Atlanta to Phoenix to Las Vegas to Salt Lake. And long before approaching Las Vegas, and I mean probably 200 miles, I could see a weird beam of light extending into the sky. I figured it could not possibly be from Las Vegas, but what else could it be? An alien mothership at Area 51? As we approached it became very clear what I was seeing. And it was impressive.

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