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Mirage Testing New Casino Carpet

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 23rd January 2013 11:11am
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Not to be outdone by... everyone... The Mirage is getting into the new year / new carpet swing by testing out a small section of new pile on their casino floor. Check it.

Mirage 2013 Casino Carpet

From afar, it sorta looks like mush.

Up close...

Mirage 2013 Casino Carpet

... the detail and depth of patterns makes me dizzy, in a sorta-kinda good way. Love the idea, don't really love the colors. How about purple?

Big thanks to VT sekrit superfriend Mr. Giggles for the photo tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

It's not the blooming lilies of the RTom years, but much better than the previous stuff.

Thumbs up!

Not a fan. Too confusing and how does this tie in with their other recently rennovated areas (BMG theatre, street of dreams, ignite lounge, Minus 5)?

I really dig it actually.

The Mirage's most recent casino remodel took away a lot of the tropical feel in exchange for MGM's penchant for blandness over whimsy.

Not only does this new carpet bring more flower-like color into the area but it also, dare I say it, embraces the resort's theme... something MGM hasn't been known for in recent years.

Every time I approached one of the yellow lines, I would mistake it for an extension cord on the floor.

Is no one in Vegas allowed r=to do colorful carpet anymore?

@parchedearth I believe you are thinking of Monte Carlo not Mirage. I dig it for sure

No. No like.

Is there anything that can be done, a choice that can be made, that would make that ceiling not seem as low? I have always felt the Mirage's casino to be a bit claustrophobic.

I like it.

It keeps with the theme but in a more abstract, less tacky way.

Bland and boring

so if i want to get really drunk i should avoid the mirage so i don't throw up on the floor after getting dixxy loking at it?

Well, it needs new carpet - we agree on that.
I kind of like the test patch, but the yellow lines look like the chalk drawings my buddy's kids create on the driveway. I like chalk drawings but I'm not sure it works for me on a casino rug.

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