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Who Knew? Light Group Owns Bellagio

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 22nd January 2013 1:39pm
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Ok, not really, but based on a small clip from this advertisement for the Lily bar thingy, one might think that Bellagio is a "Light Group Property".

Branding standards bwahahaha!

Back when I was in the trenches of internet warfare, I was tasked to build mini-websites for the largest rock stars on the planet. It was high pressure megafun for a huge fan of rock and roll. I was tasked to design websites for Roger Waters, Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Elvis Costello, Snoop Dogg and a whole lot more. Each client came with different rules, some with no rules.

I built a Nine Inch Nails website that looked like a slew of redacted, typewritten FBI documents that blew away Trent Reznor. I built a Rolling Stones page with a Stones tongue exploding in an earthquake of typography that received approval from Mick Jagger himself. They were happy to give designers latitude to express themselves as long as their logos were treated with prominence and followed specific guidelines.

The above presentation of BELLAGIO's uppercase logo mark on the same line, with the same prominence as a "A Light Group Property" implies that BELLAGIO is A LIGHT CROUP PROPERTY. Definitely, a major no no, one which Bellagio's brand managers would never approve, if they even have have a process to approve creative.

A better layout would be "Lily (logo)" [line break] "a light group property (logo bug)" [line break] at "BELLAGIO (logo)".

Here's a full, slightly different version of the same ad and a different ad with the same problem.

Definitely confusing placements, more so when you paint BELLAGIO and LIGHT GROUP PROPERTY in the same color of periwinkle.

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Wow... that is really interesting. I manage the logo and brand of a large nonprofit organization. This is kind-of amazing, it could be in a text book for bad brand management.

If I could only tell you how many other things Light Group does without Bellagio's knowledge and then have to change when they get caught...

DUDE. I remember that NIN site. I fucking loved it and now you (more).

The Light Group takes it in the bum.

Did you have anything to do with the Year Zero stuff Chuck?

When you see the whole ad, it doesn't that bad.

Definintely need a lesson in logo protection for MGM. Especially considering this is easy to see as an intentional 'mistake' by Light Group

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