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We Report You Decide

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 16th January 2013 1:38pm
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Fox News is discussing ways in which "how Washington DC can cut spending." To this end, they have brought in a very special guest to help them sort through the thorny issues of fiscal responsibility.

Loveman on Fox

Yes folks... Gary Loveman, CEO of Caesars Entertainment and Trippies Nominee 'Gary Loveman's Hair' both of whom are custodians of..... {types on adding machine} $20 billion dollars in debt.

Thanks VT superfriend @vajohna for the twitpic tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

Then they'd go right along with Obamas philosophy...

Frankly, Obama's limo doesn't need a paint job and Gary Loveman will attest to this.

Somehow I don't think Gary's "What's maintenance?" stance is particularly good financial advice.

Kinda like asking Lindsay Lohan advice on a sober lifestyle.

asking loveman for financial advice is like asking donald trump for hair advice

Yea, and he is the person who complains about the feds spending more than they should (and I agree they need to be a lot closer to balanced than what they are) - yet - he can rack up this kind of debt. Then they turn around and lower their services and cut the comps... Humm... spending money they don't have (and may never have) and shafting the customers... It's a bad combination!!

It sounds spiffy - but the debt was put on in the 2007 LBO. As a shareholder who benefited from the successful close of that transaction, it was very much in the interests of his then-shareholders, even if its been less favorable for TPG, Apollo and, of course, customers in the long run. Loveman is a really bright guy, he has an econ PhD from MIT, and while he might not have much style he's the best CEO in the casino industry.

^Agreed. Loveman is something of a genius when it comes to raising capital through debt. It may not be a company I want to own now, but he is the right guy to run a company with such a high debt load. Murren has similar financial talents but he's no Loveman.

Also, given that this country is surviving by raising capital through debt, Gary Loveman is someone who knows a thing or two about this and should be paid attention to.

Please, Loveman has been a disaster since the day he was hired and should be fired today. A horrific CEO.

America: where shuffling paper around makes one richer and those that partake in such a practice are celebrated.

Barfasaurus rex.

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