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Even More SLS Las Vegas Renderings Unleashed

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 15th January 2013 1:01pm
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sbe entertainment is continuing to scramble for cash via the EB-5 visas for cash program in the hopes of funding the transformation of the decrepit, shuttered Sahara into the gleaming SLS Las Vegas.

To this end, they've updated the project website (linked above) with some new renderings and have removed the restaurant / nightclub listings we previously reported on. Ooooops.

SLS from the street... with Katsuya billboard. They've removed the Jose Andres Bazaar and Foxtail signs from the previous version of this.

Street View SLS Las Vegas

The porte cochere entrance remains the same as previously. What we will learn is that those blobular columns are a "design thing" that are repeated in various places throughout the resort.

Porte Cochere SLS Las Vegas

Here's a new rendering... the entry lobby which used to be covered in lightbulbs and Moroccan tile work. It also offers a glimpse into the casino floor. White ceilings with red rectangular accents, brown carpeting with circular patterns, an array of crystal chandeliers and other light fixtures. Looks sorta like a cross between Planet Hollywood and the new Golden Nugget Atlantic City.

Porte Cochere SLS Las Vegas

The reception desk remains largely the same, in the same configuration... just de-Saharaized. It appears that SLS will be appropriating another Cosmopolitan idea and putting a large video display above reception which will most likely feature artwork and advertisements.

Surprisingly understated, particularly if you have been to the confusing avant-over done clusterfudge that is the SLS Beverly Hills. Looks great.

Porte Cochere SLS Las Vegas

The pool. New cabanas, new furniture. The big red building there will be the entrance to the Foxtail day/night club thingy... you can see where they photoshopped the logo out.

Porte Cochere SLS Las Vegas

The projected project looks great... no bones about it. I don't see it competing on the luxury scale, or even just below luxury, but if they can get it financed and get it completed with competitive fit and finish within the boundaries of their budget, I don't see why it won't be gorgeous. Location is still a big sticking point as is the stiff competition from larger operators with a much deeper rolodex.

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Comments & Discussion:

More power to them. Las Vegas needs more choice in the Upper-Middle class bracket. The last 3 new Hotels to open were high end, which is great if it works, but it would be great to have something new for those of us in the Mirage/ Mandalay Bay crowd.

It doesn't seem like some of the colors / textures go together. The lobby's tuxedo black and white design is striking, but doesn't really mesh with the red and golds of the casino floor. I'd love to see the property open again, but the idea of finding funding to make this work seems non existent in the current market.

The Cosmo 2.0 ? They even have the same " girl and tea cup" at their lobby entrance that they have for wall paper in some Cosmo rooms.......wtf ?

Apparently you need to be really thin to stay there. And I'm pretty sure there's at least one or two hookers in these pics.

Why use the SLS name? Why not...say....SLS Sahara. Cash in on the known quality of the old name. Not that Saharah was quality by the time it closed, but it's definitely a known name.

if sam ever gets the cash to do this then it may work but i wouldn't bet the tuition fund on it

Why can't they use more realistic people in their renderings. Such as DonnyMac, Vespajet and myself drunken rambling thru the port crotch with JD's spilling out of our hands. Misnomer furiously beating the hell out of a Video Poker machine and drinking girly drinks like a 16 year old with a fake ID. The entire Vegas Internet Mafia taking over a craps table and making the boxman bow to their ever needs. And of course an entire flock of mid twenties girls, dressed to the nines, drinking bongs of slushy drinks with thier shoes in hand.

We all know that is Vegas, not these really pretty people that you always see.....

^^ This right here made me laugh like a hernia. Hyena. Whichever.

Well, they certainly do have twenty-something in those photos. At least one or two of them is drunk, right?

They seem to be using the same mind set that suggests that everyone who comes to Vegas is below the age of 30 and wears silly ass clothes. I go to Vegas every year and see more people over the age of 40 than 30 save for the shallow people who line up to get into a club.

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