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Peekaboo: Andrea's Encore Interiors

By Chuckmonster on Sunday, 23rd December 2012 1:17pm
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Andrea's, the new vibe dining restaurant taking the place of Switch is just a week from opening and we've managed to get a hold of some photos of the interiors. These interiors were designed by Todd-Angry Lenahan, the guy responsible for the gorgeous Encore spa and rooms and the bafflingly ugly Mizumi.

First... the sign, same vertical footprint, same bad font logo (for those curious, the font used is called "Desdemona".) Perhaps this is an Asian restaurant?


Ooooh VDKA too!

The main dining room. Wow... A dead ringer for the buffet at the Stardust, 1983. Fuh uh uh ugly. ERMAGERD. HOLY CRAP.

Check out the booths in the back.


Booth detail... private vibe dining booth sorta like the bar at Scarpetta but with designs stolen from the set of the original Battlestar Galactica? "Hello, my name is Twiki and I am your server tonight... might I suggest the Jumped Shark Fin Soup?


And the piece de resistance... the eyes of Steve Wynn's wife and restaurant namesake Andrea Hissom hung above the bar.


Wow. It looks like something you'd find at the Riviera. Wow.


Comments & Discussion:

I stayed in a suite at the Tropicana in about 1996 with a steam shower that looked a lot like that private dining booth.
Do they bring you in a table once you're seated? Or do you eat on your lap?

The place looks like it's the set for a deleted restaurant scene from "Rollerball" and you can almost visualize Jonathan E sitting in there having dinner after a game.

The font for the sign reminds me of a low-end Italian joint.....

That's quite bad.

Thumbs down.

I'm sorry, is this in Encore or a new restaurant at the "remodeled" Luxor? Airport chic. I'm literally appalled. TAL needs to stick to suite design, no more restaurants for him.

WTF? I do not know what is much worse-the private room that looks like a closet or those eyes staring at you when you try to drink.

I dunno, I think it's perfect for the dopey drugged-up clubbers they're building this for. Some things are just made for each other.

Wow....that's almost all of the wrost elemements of the 80's cramed together. Do they at least have free coke or something?

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